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10 Fabulous Food Hacks for Parents on The Go!

1. Buy food thermoses

Send your child to school with a warm lunch in a food thermos. Remember to warm it up for ten minutes with boiling water before placing food in it.

2. Fast fruit

Get kids to help chopping up fruit and veg on a Sunday. Then keep the containers in the fridge at eye level so they can help themselves.

3. Meal-time time saver

Cook double helpings of wholewheat or brown pasta, then store it in a sealed container in the fridge with a splash of olive oil on it.

4. No more sticky fingers

Stick a paper cupcake holder underneath ice lollies to prevent the sticky juice going everywhere.

5. Avoid food waste

Fresh herbs are expensive in Cayman. Next time you buy them, cut up the whole batch and freeze them, with a little olive oil, in an ice cube tray.

6. Go bananas!

Freeze old bananas (unpeeled and cut into two) – they taste great frozen as ‘lollipops’ and are super handy for smoothies.

7. Plan your weekly meals

Let your kids choose a meal for the week ahead – either by letting them look at a cookbook or giving them a few options to choose from (depending on age).

8. DIY ice packs

Sick of losing expensive ice packs? Freeze a wet sponge and keep it in a sealed food bag instead!

9. Leave lunchbox notes for young kids

Or carve a message into a banana with a cocktail stick – by the time kids see it, the message will appear brown on the yellow skin.

10. Treat yourself to a night off

Enjoy a home-cooked meal without the prep with a pre-cooked meal from Boxed (available in the freezer section).


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