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10 Learning Hacks


1. Take notes in different colours
The different colours will help you remember the content more easily. If you’re not into colours, notes in blue ink are easier to remember than those in black.


2. Make your own whiteboard
If you don’t have a whiteboard at home, use a dry erase marker on a mirror or window if you need to make notes. Use a cloth or piece of damp paper to remove marks.


3. Boost your self esteem
If you are feeling low and dispirited about your school work, write some positive affirmations and stick them next to your bed. Say them to yourself before bed and when you wake up.


4. Pi shortcut?
To remember the digits of pi, just memorise the sentence – “May I have a large container of coffee?”. Count the number of letters in each word, and you have it – 3.1415926!


5. Little and often
If you’re studying for a test, space out study time and spend 20 minutes a day for 3 nights rather than 60 minutes the day before. Spacing out study time is nearly twice as effective.

6. Testing, testing…
Rather than reading the same text again and again, test yourself by reading a passage once, closing the book and trying to write the main points on a blank piece of paper.


7. The sound of music
Listening to chilled out classical music or natural sounds whilst studying has been proven to help focus and improve productivity and mood.


8. Adopt the ‘Pomodoro Technique’
Choose a task; set a timer for 25 mins; work without  distractions until it dings; take a 5 min break. Repeat up to 4 times before taking a proper break (30 mins+).


9. Jump around!
Make sure you get up and get your blood flowing at least every hour to boost energy levels and cognitive function.


10. Mix up your work environment
Studying in the same place every time can dampen productivity and creativity. Try having a study session in the library or head to a coffee shop.








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