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CP Tips | 20 Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Busy

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Keeping your kids busy during this school break can be very stressful. Here is a list of 20 indoor activities (10 fun, 10 educational) that are bound to keep your kids active, occupied and distracted this school break.

Here are 10 educational ways to keep kids busy this school break:

  1. Go to the museum (virtually) – Many museums around the world have virtual tours of their exhibits that allow you to explore them without leaving your house. You can visit the Musée d’Orsay in Paris or the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
  2. Do scientific experiments – Simple science experiments (click for more info!) are a fun way to introduce kids of all ages to scientific concepts. Most of the materials required will already be available at home.
  3. Read a book or listen to a story podcast – Reading during a school break can help kids improve their literacy skills. If your child is more interested in listening to a story, there are a variety of podcasts with story time themes. Story Time by Bedtime FM is very popular for children ages 2-13.
  4. Origami – Origami can be very knotty and will test your kids’ ability to follow steps. You can find a variety of YouTube instructional videos (click for more info!) for almost every animal and thing. Origami can also be done on regular printer paper (A4). Fold the top corner down towards the other side of the paper until the other corner is properly aligned, forming a pointy edge. YouTube also has instructional videos (click for a favourite!) on this step.
  5. Print off educational worksheets or sign up for Khan Academy. Khan Academy offers personalised learning courses in maths, arts, science and more for all ages. Educational worksheets for all age groups can be found online. For example, search for ‘year 4 maths worksheets’.
  6. Play a word game – Word games will keep your child’s brain active. Word search puzzles, crosswords or Sudoku puzzles can be printed from online.
  7. Explore Other Civilizations – ‘Civilisations AR’ brings art and culture from 31 countries directly to your phone or tablet. This BBC app allows you to explore beneath the surface of Renaissance masterpieces and discover the secrets of ancient Egypt. Available for free on Apple and Android.
  8. Watch an educational movie – If your child is a visual learner, they can significantly benefit from watching an educational film or show, such as The Magic School Bus, Planet Earth or Planet Blue. Many full episodes are available on YouTube.
  9. Play the Alphabet game – This game is fun for all ages and will test their knowledge of the alphabet. The basic rules are: first you choose a category, then each player will name something with the beginning letter as they go down the alphabet. For example, player 1: apple, player 2: banana, player 3: carrot, and so on. Nearly every category can be used, such as animals, foods, drinks, etc. Two or more players can compete.
  10. Host a spelling bee – A spelling test can test your kids’ ability to spell words correctly and asses what they have learned. Kids love the competition, and as long as you have words available, this activity can keep them active for a long time.

Bonus: Take a look at 3 Girls & A Kiln at-home art bags that can be purchased online and delivered to your home or picked up in-store:

Here are 10 fun ways to keep kids busy this school break:

  1. Have a movie marathon – Movies can keep kids busy for a couple of hours. You can catch up on the latest Netflix releases, your favourite TV show or watch new film releases such as Frozen 2 which is available on iTunes for US$19.99 to buy or US$5.99 to rent.
  2. Baking – While baking with your kids, they get to create something they can enjoy with a sweet or nutritious reward afterwards. You can find recipes for a variety of food options online.
  3. Play classic games – These games never get old and can be played for hours. You can play ‘Red Light, Green Light’, ‘Leap Frog’, ‘I Spy’ or ‘Hangman’. These games don’t need any additional materials.
  4. Sing karaoke – Pump up the tunes and sing like no-one’s watching. Karaoke videos can be found online for most songs. Let each family member take it in turns to choose a song!
  5. Do an indoor scavenger hunt – Parents can hide items all over the house then comprise a list of things that have been hidden. The first one to find all of the items or most of them can get a prize
  6. Indoor exercise – There are several great exercise videos online that children can join in with. Try parent and toddler yoga or some higher paced aerobics – kids love jumping about so this should be right up their street!
  7. Balloon tennis -The aim of this game is to keep the balloon off the floor. You can use your hand or create a makeshift paddle using a paper cup an empty tissue roll and tape.
  8. Have a spa day – Set up a spa in your house using your portable foot spa, a large enough container or a bucket. You can get manicures, pedicures and much more for free. The best part is you can also get a chance to relax.
  9. Indoor hopscotch – Use tape to mark out the areas. Hopscotch is the perfect excuse to hop and jump and move around when they’re cooped up inside.
  10. Get artistic – Kids have an elaborate imagination, therefore painting, colouring and drawing can keep them busy for a long time. Most of the supplies needed can be found at home already.

For advice on helping your kids deal with anxiety and stay informed on COVID-19 – click here.

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