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Building Brilliant Lunchboxes


Who doesn’t dread the nightly (or morning) lunchbox routine? Coming up with new ideas and making sure our kids get the nutrients they need is a constant challenge, especially when favourite foods can become the enemy overnight. Here, we try and help you out with some tips, recipes and inspiration to make the lunchbox routine easier and get your kids trying lots of new and healthy foods. − Emma Drake

Something to bear in mind when ‘building’ your lunchbox offering is the Food Plate. The UK ‘Eatwell Plate’ gives a proportional weighting to each of the different food groups.

We all know that sugar and sweets should be the smallest section, but what might be less obvious is that protein only needs to make up a relatively small part of a child’s diet.

The main two components should be carbohydrates (ideally wholegrain/brown varieties) and fruit and vegetables. Keep these two food groups front of mind when putting together your child’s lunchbox.

For our best lunchbox recipes click here!


Healthy Lunchbox Basics
Wholegrain wraps, sandwiches or pita l Baked potato or sweet potato l Wholewheat pasta or noodles l Brown rice l Sesame breadsticks l Chickpeas l Baked beans l Cous cous.

LUNCHBOX IDEAS! Carb-Based Meals

Top Tips


Fruit & Veg

Healthy Lunchbox Basics
Veg: Whole peeled carrots l Cucumber batons l Frozen edamame beans l Celery batons l Broccoli l Red pepper slices l Cauliflower l Cherry tomatoes l Frozen peas l Tinned sweetcorn.
Fruit: Grapes l Apples l Oranges l Melon l Berries l Pineapple l Papaya l Kiwi l Passion fruit l Watermelon.

LUNCHBOX IDEAS! Vegetable-Based Meals & Snacks

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Healthy Lunchbox Basics
Yoghurt l Cheese sticks or cubes l Milk l Milk-based smoothies or milkshakes l Cheese sandwiches l Grated cheese added to dishes like Spaghetti Bolognese l Pita pizza.

LUNCHBOX IDEAS! Calcium-Rich Meals & Snacks

Top Tips

Fat & Sugar

Healthy Lunchbox Basics
Dried fruit and seeds l Natural fruit roll-ups l Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches l Banana bread l Chocolate chip granola balls
(e.g. Made Good brand, available at Kirk Market).

LUNCHBOX IDEAS! Healthy Home-Made Treat Recipe

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Healthy Lunchbox Basics
Chicken drumsticks or strips l Boneless pork ribs l Tinned tuna or salmon l Sliced turkey l Minced beef l Meatballs l Tofu l Lentils Baked beans l Hummus l Eggs.

LUNCHBOX IDEAS! Protein-Rich Meals

Top Tips

Forour super lunchbox recipes – click here.


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