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Spotlight | Cayman’s Young Samaritans

As parents one of our main responsibilities, and possibly the most important, is instilling in our children a sense of what it means to be a good person. Before they fly the nest, we hope to have taught them the difference between right and wrong and the importance of charity and living compassionately – whether that’s giving to a friend in need or volunteering their time locally. But sometimes the roles reverse and we find it’s our children who are doing the teaching! Cayman Parent introduces four young Samaritans who can teach Cayman a thing or two about living selflessly. – Clare-Louise McGrath

Ashton McTaggart, 15 years old

“Ashton has a younger brother, Brandon, with Cerebral Palsy and not only does Ashton love him with every ounce of his being, but is very protective and considerate to his brother’s needs. Ashton does not get to do a lot of things other kids his age get to do because Brandon requires so much time and assistance. He never ever complains. Ashton is so consciously aware of what is truly important in life – kindness!”

Asha Suckoo, 10 years old

“Asha has been volunteering her time and money to the Humane Society for years. We visit often so she can spend time with the kittens or walk a puppy. It is easily her favourite place!”


Moriah Padua, 9 years

“I drive Moriah to school every morning and we would always pass by a man selling newspapers. Every morning my daughter would ask if we could buy a newspaper and with the dollar we handed over she would include a little note telling him God loves him!”

Josh Hamilton Jr., 4 years old

“A few weeks ago, when my mother was telling me of a boy younger than my son who needed some clothes, Josh overheard and immediately went to his room and picked out clothes and toys the boy would like. They were toys he still played with but he wanted to share them with the boy who might not have any.”

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