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Changes To The Maternity Unit & The Health Services Authority

The Covid-19 pandemic changed all our lives and the way hospitals functioned to keep patients, staff and communities safe and healthy. During lockdown the staff at the Health Services Authority (HSA) went above and beyond to care for patients and help reduce the possible spread of Covid-19.

Living through a pandemic is stressful and worrying for many and particularly for expecting mothers and their partners, with many wondering how the pandemic may affect their birthing experience and their newborn baby.

To ensure the wellbeing of expectant and new mothers, newborns, and their support persons, the HSA updated its care policy to include additional safety measures which are listed below. All changes made in the Maternity Unit, and throughout the hospital, are designed to ensure that the HSA can continue to provide high quality and compassionate care to every patient.

The HSA continues to be prepared and is ready to mitigate the potential for resurgence of Covid-19 in the community.

Masks: Visitors to the HSA and its Maternity Ward must wear masks at all times. The mother is required to wear a mask as much as possible, however, will not be asked to wear one during labour.

Birthing Partners: During active labour birthing partners are permitted to be with the mother. This includes overnight. There are no overnight visitors allowed outside of these circumstances.

Visitors & Siblings: In line with international guidance, the Maternity Unit has limited visitation to one designated visitor or birthing partner per day. Siblings are excited to meet their new baby brother or sister, however in order to meet safety measures, no siblings or visitors under the age of 18 are permitted. Staff encourage new mothers to use virtual communications during this time where possible. The midwives and maternity team are dedicated and focused on supporting each mother and their birthing partner through pregnancy, birth and following the birth of their baby. This visitation policy is subject to change and is available at

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit): The HSA Maternity Unit has the only NICU on the Islands which provides specialised facilities and services for premature and other high-risk infants. It can accommodate up to six infants at a time. Due to the vulnerability of these babies, the HSA’s safety measures now allow only one set of parents in the NICU at designated times. This is to ensure effective social distancing between different families.

Covid-19 Testing Patients & Staff: All mothers-to-be will be tested and have their result prior to arrival at the hospital for planned caesarean sections and inductions. Women who arrive in labour will be tested on arrival.

Due to the changing nature of the pandemic the information provided in this article is subject to change. Please visit or call the Maternity Unit on (345) 244 2841/(345) 244 2842 to ensure you have the latest information.

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