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Cheeky Musings on Motherhood: A Day in the Life of a New Mum

After your family and friends have left the hospital, you are left alone with your baby for the very first time. It’s late in the evening, you are exhausted and here you are, left to bond with the wee human who was, just hours ago, living inside your body. The endless months of imagining these first moments are finally here. You realise that you now have your very own BABY – and you are expected to know what you are doing, without ever having done this before.

12, 2 and 4am Fumble in the dark in an attempt to change and feed screaming baby. Feed said baby for 30 minutes, spend 30 minutes trying to get back to sleep yourself, wake within the next hour to check that baby is still breathing.

1, 3 and 5am Accidentally wake sleeping baby while ensuring baby is still alive. Instantly regret checking for vitals, rock, shush, and sing baby back to sleep while promising yourself not to check for a pulse on the neck next time.

3am Can’t get back to sleep as you are absolutely starving and need something to eat. Pray there is still some of that soup in the fridge that your mother brought you yesterday.

6am and every two hours thereafter: Feed and change baby. Sometimes both at the same time. Whenever you are not feeding or changing the baby, try to get the baby to sleep, so you can attempt to sleep while thinking about how messy your house is.

12pm and several times a day throughout the following weeks/months: Spend a considerable amount of time staring at your baby in wonderment. Examine all fingers, toes, ears and eyelashes intently in sheer amazement that you grew another human being.

6pm (and as often as possible throughout the following weeks, months and years: Worry that you are not doing things properly. Criticise yourself and feel guilty about something (anything) that you think you should be doing and are not.

At some point within the first 2 weeks: Plan to take your baby out of the house to a store or restaurant. Invite 3-4 other adults to help you. Ensure your baby is securely in their car seat and drive as slowly as possible to your destination while cursing at any other vehicle who has the audacity to drive anywhere near you. Arrive at your destination and realise you have forgotten an essential item for the baby and then agonise about whether to return home. Promise yourself you will be more organised next time.


Lindsay Thompson: Meet our new Mum, the founder of Fuse-In Designs – a company that creates decorative magnetic panels that adhere to electric fuse boxes making them a functional yet attractive addition to any home.

What’s life like for a new dad?

Read A Day in the Life of a New Dad to find out!




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