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Childproofing Your Home & Pool

The leading cause of serious injury and death among young children are accidents that could have been easily prevented. Thoroughly childproofing your home, garden and pool is essential for both safety and peace of mind.

The Home

Baby/Child Gates & Wall Fasteners


Electrical Outlets, Plugs, Cords


Windows & Window Treatments



Safety Latches



Child-friendly Furniture





The Pool

  • Always ensure that there is an adult supervising children in or near the pool. If you think you might be distracted by other tasks, designate another adult ‘water watcher’ to keep an eye on the children at all times.
  • Install a fence of at least four feet in height around the perimeter of your swimming pool.
  • Ensure that the gate for entry to the pool has childproof locks, handles and/or latches to prevent children from being able to open the gate.
  • Remove or secure any items that a child could use to climb up and over the gate/fence to gain access to the pool.
  • Install a pool alarm to notify you if anyone enters the fenced-in area. Some systems are capable of detecting underwater movement and will notify you accordingly.
  • Install an automatic pool safety cover that can only be opened and closed with a key.
  • Upgrade drain covers to be ‘VGBA compliant’ and the pump to an ‘SVRS’, which will reduce the chance of entrapment.
  • Ensure children who are playing near a pool are wearing life vests or floaties.
  • Make sure your children receive basic swimming lessons that teach them how to roll over in the water and swim towards and hold onto the edge.


For more information on making your pool area safe, contact Pool Patrol (345) 949 8543, Oasis Pools (345) 945 7665 or Spartan Fencing (345) 946 3191.

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