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Q & A: Aimee Randolph, Cloth Diapering in Cayman

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A voluntary support group for parents using, or wishing to switch to, cloth diapers in the Cayman Islands. Group member Aimee Randolph provides insight into their mission, below. For more details visit their Facebook page.



Q: Why are plastic diapers so bad for the environment?

A: The primary environmental impact of disposable diapers is the waste. Most parents take the dirty diaper off, lock it inside a Diaper Genie, and send it out with the weekly garbage. The diapers are buried in a landfill where they will stay for approximately 500 years. It would be great if we could find a way to create a recycling system for disposable diapers. Diapers aren’t the only waste created from changing diapers. There are also disposable wipes, packaging waste and garbage bags.

Q: What is the aim of the Cloth Diapering Group?

A: We aim to support families that choose to cloth diaper in their home and also educate the community on the benefits of cloth diapering.


Q: How can someone get started with cloth diapering?

A: Come to one of our meet-ups! We meet about once a month to educate new moms about cloth and show the various options in cloth diapering, and swap tips and tricks amongst those who’ve been cloth diapering for years.


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