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The Real Deal: Cost Guide to Children’s Activities

YMCA Soccer Cost of activities

To lessen the stress of researching the cost of extracurricular activities, we have done the homework for you, providing approximate costs for a range of activities. We have not included the cost of equipment (rackets, musical instruments, shoes, etc.), but as many activities as possible have been included, as well as the range in cost between private and group classes. This list is by no means all-encompassing but should serve as a handy generalised guide to assist in budgeting for the season. – Lindsay Thompson


Baseball/Little League

Free of charge. Children must bring their own glove, but the coaching, a uniform and all other items are included. Contact the Cayman Islands Little League Association at or call (345) 945 3553.


Basketball Programme

Held at the Black Pearl Skate Park, Grand Harbour. Visit their website for more information. Price CI$7 per day or $30 per month.


Children’s Fitness

Bodylines Fitness is based upon the international ‘Let’s Play Today’ Programme. Term rates vary in price and length, ranging from 6-9 week sessions, costing between CI$110-$140. Email:



$25 for the season which includes water at each game, as well as a uniform/t-shirt. Email:



Fees range from CI$100-$130. Contact Dona at CrossFit 7 Mile on or Tarasa at CrossFitCayman on



Cost for lessons can range from CI$120-$300 per term, with 1-2 lessons per week. Contact Centre Pointe Dance Studio through their website; Miss Jackie’s School of Dance (345) 949 7296 or Chance to Dance at (345) 926 5755.


Drama Training

Both the Cayman Drama Society and Musicians Ltd offer acting classes for children of all ages and levels of experience. Contact the Cayman Drama Society at or Musicians Ltd at (345) 525 6787 or for more information on classes and fees.


Group gymnastics classes at Motions Unlimited range from CI$230-$458 for one/two sessions a week per term, dependent upon age and skillset. Email: or call (345) 749 8365.


Horseback Riding

Beginner semi-private lessons range from $25 for 30 mins. Group lessons cost $50 per hour and a private lesson $50 for 45 mins.


Inline/Roller Hockey

Learn to skate sessions cost CI$100 per term at King’s Sports Centre and participation on a team is anywhere from CI$200-$350 per season. Email:



Roughly CI$180-$200 per month. Contact Cayman Karate Academy at (345) 623 5425, Cayman Associated School of Karate at (345) 925 3367, Purple Dragon Cayman Islands at (345) 946 1241 or The Cayman Martial Arts Academy at (345) 323 9778 for more information.


Music Lessons

The cost of private lessons range from CI$35-$45 for a half-hour session or CI$180-$260 per term. For information on Cayman Music School visit their website;  JukeBox Mobile Music, email:, Musicians Ltd email: and Nicole Bodden on (345) 917 3753.



The Rugby Club season runs from September to May. Participation ranges in price (dependent on age) from CI$50-$75 per year, which includes a jersey with the membership. Visit their website for more information.


Group lessons can range from CI$20-$35, private/semi-private lessons range from CI$65-$100 per hour. For more information on tennis visit,, tennis at the Ritz-Carlton on (345) 815 6894 or For information on badminton email:



At the Sailing Club, a 6-week group sailing session costs CI$125 for members and CI$175 for non-members. Private/semi-private hour-long lessons cost CI$55-$85. Contact for further details.



CI$100-CI$135 per season. Contact Academy Sports Club on, Sunset Football Club on, or Mini kickers on



Membership at the Black Pearl Skate Park ranges from CI$45 per month to CI$300 for a yearly membership. The drop-in rate is CI$7. Skateboards, bikes and other sports equipment are available for rent at the park. Visit their website.



Semi-private and private lessons range from CI$20-CI$45 for a half-hour session. For a full listing of qualified swim teachers/schools and clubs please visit the Cayman Islands Aquatic Sports Association’s website.



There are several excellent yoga teachers on-Island specialising in kid’s yoga. Popular choices are Yoga Sprouts and Kula Kids. Group and semi-private lessons range from CI$180-CI$230 per term.
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