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CP Tips | Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

Baby showers are a fun way to celebrate new mums and dads-to-be – one final big gathering of friends and family before the era of sleepless nights, dirty nappies and spit-up begins. With the strong influence of American culture in the Cayman Islands, baby showers are now a rite of passage and you’ll often spot baby themed gatherings happening when out and about at the weekend.

Where to Start?

A family member, friend or coworker usually hosts a baby shower.Typically, its held during the last two months of pregnancy, but allow a few weeks’ cushion from the due date since you don’t want mum’s waters breaking during the party!

Traditionally only women attend baby showers, but there is no reason it can’t be co-ed. Often dad will at least make an appearance towards the end of the party. Some mums-to-be might even prefer a ‘Meet the Baby Party’ or a ‘Sip & See’ gathering after the baby is born. These are generally more low key affairs and are a great opportunity for friends to meet the new bundle of joy. These types of events tend to happen at least a month after the baby is born.Whether planning a baby shower for your bestie or a family member, here are some great ideas for creating your ultimate baby shower party.


Cayman Baby Registries

Ask mum-to-be if she would like to register for gifts for her baby shower. Baby registries are a great way for mum to receive items for the baby that she actually needs and it makes gift giving easy for friends. Registries are super simple to set up at any of the following stores:

Atlantic Kids (345) 943 2296
Bedside Manor (345) 947 2711
Little Darlings (345) 949 2580
Partial To Blue (345) 943 2583
The Baby Shoppe (345) 949 2229


Baby Shower Venues

Private Residence:

Benefit: low-cost.

But this means you will need to provide some food and drinks.

Keep things simple with:

  • sandwiches
  • cheese/fruit trays
  • crudites
  • cupcakes
  • soft drinks
  • sparkling wine

Put on some music and play some baby shower games!

The Beach

Benefit: perfect for the arrival of an island baby.

Make sure you consider the weather and take measures to protect your guests from the sun.

Ways to keep the mum-to-be (and everyone else!) comfortable:

  • Summer parties: host in the morning or late afternoon to avoid extreme heat
  • Find a shady spot
  • Bring beach chairs and umbrellas
  • Get some fun floats and cool down in the sea

Alternatively, you can rent a cabana on Public Beach (Seven Mile Beach) through the Government website.

Hotels/ Restaurants

Benefit: ideal for organising a large group.

Tips for keeping stress-free:

  • Opt for a set price menu like brunch or afternoon tea
  • Gather money ahead of time to ensure settling the bill isn’t a hassle.






Top Baby Shower Spots

  • Anchor & Den, Marriott Beach Resort
    (345) 326 6981
    Saturday afternoon tea or Sunday brunch
  • Catch (345) 949 4321
    Set menu available
  • Cracked Conch (345) 945 5217
    Set menu available
  • Every Bloomin’ Thing (345) 945 1701
    Afternoon tea
  • Grand Old House (345) 949 9333
    Set menu available
  • Kimpton Seafire (345) 746 0000
    Afternoon tea and Sunday brunch
  • Luca, Caribbean Club (345) 623 4550
    Sunday brunch
  • Silver Palm Lounge, The Ritz-Carlton
    (345) 943 9000
    Afternoon tea and Sunday brunch
  • Pedro St. James (345) 947 3329
    Afternoon tea
  • The Venue by Mise en Place (345) 623 2433
    Set menu available


Adorable Decorations & Shower Snacks

Decorations – Create an elegant atmosphere with tasteful decorations. From helium balloons and bunting to cake toppers and confetti, Cayman’s party shops have a wide selection of baby shower themed decorations.

Flowers – Flowers are an important part of the decorations at a baby shower and can really help tie a theme together. Create centerpieces or hang garlands of flowers around the venue.

Food & Drinks – Finger foods and fork buffets are ideal. They’re easy to prepare, easy to eat and easy to clean up after! Baby showers are the perfect excuse for guests to sip on some fizz, but don’t forget to serve soft drinks for mum. Mix up a delicious pitcher of a non-alcoholic cocktail or fruit punch for mum to enjoy! Cayman has a number of reputable and talented caterers who can provide delicious food and drinks which means there is no cooking or clearing up.

Trendy Themes

Add some extra excitement to the baby shower with a fun theme. Cayman Parent has come up with some top themes which are sure to please mum-to-be.

Alice in Wonderland – Incorporate whimsical decorations with a vintage tone, eat Wonderland-inspired cakes, and fix ‘drink me’ labels to glasses. Request that guests wear hats or facinators to really amp up the theme.

Books – Celebrate mum’s love of literature with a book themed shower. Pick one of mum’s favourite books and pick decorations around that theme. Ask guests to bring a book instead of a card to build up baby’s library and write a personal note inside.

Red Carpet – Glamorous mums-to-be will love the red carpet treatment! Think sequins, film reels and popcorn. Encourage guests to don their most film-worthy outfits.

Welcome to the World – Perfect for the globetrotting mum-to-be! Decorate with stylish vintage maps, globes, hanging map mobiles and travel-stamped suitcases. Serve a globe themed cake and circulate a guest book covered in a world map.


Baby Shower Games

Baby Time Capsule
Ask guests to bring a momento of the world today – for example a magazine or newspaper article, a CD or USB key of recent songs, a popular toy in 2017/18 or a copy of a best-selling book. The capsule can then be sealed and opened on the child’s 18th birthday!

Birth Predictions
Hand out a small square of card and ask everyone to guess the baby’s weight, date of birth, time of birth and, if it’s not already known, the gender. Mum-to-be will enjoy reading through all of the predictions during the last few days of pregnancy!

Guess the Baby Food
Set out several jars of baby food with the labels removed and have everyone take a taste test to guess the correct flavour!

Guess the Baby Picture
Ask attendees to submit a picture of themselves as a baby and arrange the pictures in a collage. Guests must guess which picture belongs to who. Whoever gets the most correct answers, wins.

Celebrity Mum Trivia
List some celebrity Mums and see who can name all of their kids.

Baby Animal Game
Display images of various baby animals and ask guests to guess the name of the baby animal.

Baby Book
Have guests write personal messages to mum in a baby book.

Wishes for Baby
Print free notecards from the internet and have guests write their wishes for the baby. Mum will have a lovely keepsake to look back on.

Don’t Say Baby
Mum’s the word when it comes to saying ‘baby’! Get this great icebreaker started the moment your guests walk through the door. As you greet each guest, give each a diaper pin to wear on his or her shirt. Once all of your guests have arrived, tell everyone that they can’t say ‘baby’ for the duration of the shower. If anyone hears someone else saying the forbidden word, he or she can steal the rule breaker’s pin. At the end of the game, the person with the most pins wins a gift.

Name the Nursery Rhyme
Write lines from nursery rhymes on index cards (before the party) and have players try to guess the nursery rhyme before passing it on to the next player. Whoever gets the most right in a minute wins!

Need a cake to compliment the festivities? Contact The Cake Studio.

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