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Creating a COVID-19 Family Time Capsule

Our children are living through history right now, so why not create a time capsule documenting what life was like for your family in the Cayman Islands during this unprecedented time.

As well as a great craft activity the whole family will enjoy doing, this will create a unique keepsake to look back on for years to come.

You can simply store your items in a cardboard box which you can pick up from somewhere like Cost-U-Less or Priced Right. If you intend to bury your box in the garden you will need to source a secure metal box. Alternatively, you could create something similar to this beautiful box available from Etsy.

Here are some ideas for creating your unique COVID-19 Time Capsule.

  1. Photographs

Photos will be a great way to look back at this period in years to come. Make sure you take lots of pics of what you are doing around the home, for example playing in the garden, jumping in muddy puddles, baking and crafting. Include some photos of life around the Cayman Islands such as the empty streets and your family wearing masks. Remember to document any charitable acts too, such as creating a food basket for a local Cayman charity. Collate your photos during this lockdown period and create a photobook. Local Cayman photographers can also help you create a beautiful photobook.

  1. Arts & Crafts

Keep any arts and crafts that your kids are create during lockdown and pop them in the time capsule box. Whether this be rainbows, paintings or a piece of school work, these will be great reminders to look back on. Don’t forget to write the child’s name and age on the back.

  1. Create a Family Keepsake

This is a lovely memento to put in the box. If you have more than one child, consider creating one for each sibling so that they have one each to keep.

All you need is a different piece of coloured paper for each member of your family. Then get them to draw around their hand, (either do the right or the left) – you may need to help the smaller ones with this. Cut out the hands and place them in order of size on a blank background and add any words to the page before framing it. Add the following words: “During a time when the world needed everyone to stay apart… Together was our favourite place to be.”

  1. Newspaper Cuttings

Including a copy of the Cayman Compass or newspaper clipping is a great way to remember how people felt at the time. You can also print online articles too. Remember to include positive news stories. The Easter-Bunny-exemption and Tooth-Fairy-exemption letters are great example of this!

  1. Letters, Cards & Videos

Make sure to include any cards for any celebrations such as birthdays and Mother’s Day during lockdown, as well as print outs from any special emails received from friends and family. You could also save any video messages on a USB stick.

  1. Family Interviews

For families with older kids, getting them to record their thoughts and feelings will create a wonderful record to look back on. This worksheet by Long Creations is a great way to have your kids get their thoughts down on paper.


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