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Developmental Milestones: The First Two Years

child development milestones blocks

The first two years of a child’s life are chock-full of colossal physical growth and truly astounding cognitive development. By age two, the majority of children have more than likely quadrupled their birth weight and are approximately half as tall as their predicted height in adulthood. Keeping in mind that all babies and infants develop at differing rates, it is a good idea to perform your own parent-led developmental checks from time to time, reporting any concerns to your paediatrician.



Your baby has made their way safely into the world and is busy adjusting to his or her new surroundings outside the womb.

You will notice that he/she is doing some or all of the following:



At three months of age, your baby has made some very impressive developments and is no longer a passive recipient of information from his/her surroundings. Babies at this age are losing some of their newborn reflexes and taking a more active role in controlling their physical movements, especially with their hands and eyes.

By this age your baby will be demonstrating many of the following abilities:



More likely than not, you have been noticing some very big changes in your baby’s increasing physical abilities. His/her coordination has come a long way in these last few months and if you haven’t yet, you soon will see signs of early crawling as well as many of the following skills emerge:



Your baby is most certainly on the move now. Whether that be dragging him/herself about on the belly or bottom, crawling in the proper sense of the word or full on walking–you officially have a mover! By this stage, your wee one will be exhibiting some or all of the following skills:


12-18 MONTHS

By this stage, your baby has turned into a busy little bee. Chasing them from one room to the other will most certainly get you into the mindset of properly baby-proofing your home for their safety and your sanity! They will be demonstrating many of the following abilities by this age:


18-24 MONTHS

From walking to running, baby talk to babbling sentences at full speed; you have a chatty child at this age. Prattling along with intention and intonation, some of which you may even be able to understand! Don’t expect anyone else to be able to make much out though, you will be playing interpreter for a while to come yet. Your baby will now be doing much of the following:

What Every Parent Needs to Know (Copyright © American Academy of Pediatrics 2012) Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5  (Copyright © 2009 American Academy of Pediatrics)
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