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100% Math

Math made easy.

100% Math targets people of many ages to strengthen their math skills. Their services include one-on-one tutoring, collaborative small-group tutoring, 24-hour online tutoring, home-tutoring and a homework club. They also offer A Level Mathematics, Biology and Physics tutoring as well as a Math, Robotics and Coding summer camp. Contact them by phone or email for more information or to make an appointment to see a tutor.

  • Organizes content matter in scope and sequence within and across strands
  • Teaches in context
  • Teaches for conceptual learning
  • Fosters the development of mathematical understandings by students
  • Fosters the development of reasoning skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills by students
  • Caters to diverse students with varying interests, abilities, multiple intelligences and learning styles
  • Makes mathematics relevant to the interests and experiences of the learners
  • Determines and uses appropriate strategies for teaching the syllabus topics

+1 345 333 6284

Windward Plaza, 93 Smith Road, George Town


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