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Admiral Farragut Academy

Cultivating leaders through innovative programmes.

Admiral Farragut Academy is a college-prep, private school which serves students in PreK-12th grade and is located in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida with a waterfront campus. Their Upper School, which starts in 8th grade, is also known worldwide for its Boarding program and Naval Science program’s military structure. The school provides an international experience with students representing an average of 27 countries and 17 states. Each year Farragut’s graduating class earns over $5 million in academic, athletic and military scholarships and have matriculated to universities including Stanford, the Naval Academy, and UCLA.

The school offers honors, advanced placement, dual enrolment, and dual diploma program courses. However, the signature programmes are what separate Farragut from other boarding schools: Aviation, Engineering, Scuba, Marine Science, Sailing, Naval Science, and Leadership.

  • Headmaster: Robert J. Fine Jr.
  • Assistant Headmaster: Dr. Tom McGlinn
  • Student Population: 300 (grades 8-12)
  • Average Class Size: 15
  • Annual Fees (2018-19): Registration Fee: $600.Meals included in fees.
    PreK Half Day $8,010
    PreK Full Day $12,900
    Kindergarten Day $13,900
    1st – 5th Day $17,000
    6th – 7th Day $19,300
    8th – 12th Day $24,200
    8th – 12th 5-Day Boarding U.S. Domestic $42,600
    8th – 12th 7-Day Boarding
    U.S. Citizen
    8th – 12th 7-Day Boarding
  • 10% sibling discount available
  • Located in an urban city near beaches and theme parks
  • Quick and direct flight from Grand Cayman to Tampa
  • 2-3 person dormitories with private bathrooms and waterfront views
  • Athletic gyms and fields
  • Integrity, self-discipline and perseverance are ingrained in each student through the school’s teachings

1 (727) 384 5500

501 Park Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA


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