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Brehm Preparatory School

Brehm is a family-style boarding school for boys and girls, grades 6-12 with learning difficulties/disabilities. Brehm offers a unique holistic programme that individually addresses each student’s academic, emotional, and social needs. The Brehm experience includes: a fully accredited high school, individualized academic curriculum, 5:1 student/teacher ratio, with medical support, speech language pathologists and more.

Facilities: The Brehm campus is a very special place. It is a cooperative family-style environment where students discover that they share learning differences with others. Additionally, they learn not only from their instructors and tutors, but from their fellow students as well. As Brehm students learn how to learn together, they also make lifelong friends. Simply put, the Brehm campus is the backdrop for a great education.

Boarding Facilities: There are 3 boys dorms and 2 girls dorms. Each student is supervised by two dorm parents and multiple assistants.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Team recreational programmes and interscholastic sports. Soccer team, Basketball team, Paintball team.

President: Stacey Brehm Tate

Academic Calendar: August to June

Grades: 6-12

School Population: 90

Average Class Size: 8

SUMMER TUITION – $7,500. This is the all-inclusive rate for summer students for the 2019 Summer Program.

TUITION – $77,500

  • Assigned Dorm room
  • Meals prepared in dining hall & weekends in dorm kitchens
  • Required textbooks
  • Speech and language therapy
  • School-issued Apple laptop, with latest assistive technology bundle
  • Standard medical and clinical support
  • Basic recreational clubs
  • Tutoring during study hours
  • Social skills training
  • Practical life skills training
  • Transportation to and from activities and appointments

DAY TUITION $46,500. Includes an individualized holistic educational plan, lunch in the dining hall, required textbooks, speech and language therapy, school-issued Apple laptop with bundled latest assistive software, standard medical and clinical support, after-school day tutoring, some social skills training, and transportation to and from school-related activities.

Annual Fees:

  • Student Recreation Fee (includes weekend staff planned recreation activities and day-trip outings) – $1,500
  • Internation Student Fee – $250
  • Computer Insurance – $150
  • Arrowsmith Licensing Fee – $4,500 (for students enrolled in the Arrowsmith Program)
  • Family-Style Boarding school
  • Tiered scheduling
  • Complex Learning Specialised
  • 5:1 Student teacher ratio
  • Individualised academic curriculum

1 (618) 457 0371

950 South Brehm Lane, Carbondale, IL, USA

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