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Cayman Golf Lab

Cayman Golf Lab is an indoor golf practice facility. They hold adult and junior golf classes, as well as offer golf simulator rentals and more.

Learn with Golf Instruction

Golf lessons are for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned golfer or have never held a golf club before. Their goal is to create a friendly, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for everyone to learn this amazing game.  

Play some golf or some golf games

Come play a round of golf on one of hundreds of golf courses from around the world. Play alone or with friends using the technology of Trackman 4. Play on a course or play some fun driving range games. 


Junior Golf:

  • Fun
  • Fit
  • Mental
  • Swing
  • Safety
  • Future qualifications
  • Classes from Monday – Saturday
Opening Hours

By appointment only:

Monday – 9am-8pm

Tuesday – 9am-8pm

Wednesday – 9am-8pm

Thursday – 9am-8pm

Friday – 9am-8pm

Saturday – 9am-8pm

Sunday – 9am-8pm

1 (345) 917 2444

37B Ashgo St Unit 6, George Town, Grand Cayman

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