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Hope Academy Clinical Services

Hope Academy Clinical Services

Working together to be the best

Hope Academy Clinical Services is a licenced Health Care Facility (HPC/HCF/107) that offers the students of Hope Academy and the Cayman community a wide range of mental health therapy, language and speech therapies, neuro-psychology evaluations, psychology, and occupational therapy.


  • Pauline VanderGrinten MHC LPC NCC DCC Nadine Maxner – Psychologist
  • Anoush Dadain – Counselor
  • Grace Ranke BA (Psych.) MPsych. (Clin.) MAPS
  • Dr. Morgan Panora – Paediatric Neuropsych
  • Dr. Jill Kelderman Walsh – Paediatric Neuropsychologist
  • PreK – Year 12 Education
  • Designed for students performing below their potential due to learning disabilities, ADHD, High-functioning Pervasive development disorder (mild Autistic Spectrum), Anxiety based disorders, and gifted profiles
  • Full range of classes, including extracurricular courses such as diving
  • American Curriculum
  • Certified teachers, trained to work with students who learn differently.
Opening Hours

Call for appointment and specialist availability.

+1 345 769 4673

Grand Harbor, Crewe Road, Cayman Islands

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