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Ministry of Education Cayman Scholarship Opportunities

Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture, and Lands

Helping to improve the future of the Cayman Islands!

The Ministry of Education works to improve the labour markets and education systems here in Cayman. Within this Ministry, there exists the Department of Education Services (DES). It is the operational arm of the Cayman Islands Government education service. While the Ministry of Education provides the strategic and policy direction for government schools, DES provides the resources and support to schools to implement the various policies and procedures.

The DES, which is led by the Chief Education Officer, consists of the following units:

  • Data and Testing
  • Registration/Communication Services
  • School Improvement
  • Facilities
  • Business Services

Scholarship Opportunities

In an effort to ensure that Caymanians have the opportunity to fulfil their educational and career goals, the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture and Land (MEYSAL), through the Education Council and administered by the Scholarship Secretariat, offers scholarships and grants to all Caymanian students who qualify to pursue either a local or an overseas tertiary education course. Students can apply for an overseas scholarship between November 15th and January 31st annually, and a local scholarship between March 1st and April 30th. No late applications are accepted. Students need to apply to a university prior to their scholarship application, but they do not have to have received an acceptance letter prior to applying. The qualifying criteria for a scholarship varies depending on whether you are aiming to take a Technical and Vocational course, a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s or a PhD. The minimum age at which you can qualify for an overseas scholarship is 17, but the expectation is that you will turn 18 during that academic year. There is no upper age limit on applying for a scholarship.

After-school Programmes

The Ministry of Education sponsors extended after-school programmes for public primary and high schools in every district. The programmes are free, operate from 3pm to 6pm and include a rotating range of activities such as basketball, football, cricket, homework clubs, swimming, automotive workshops, archery and track and field. Transportation is provided from the school to the activity and back again.


Primary Schools:

  • Bodden Town Primary School
  • Creek Infant School (Brac)
  • East End Primary School
  • Edna M. Moyle Primary School
  • George Town Primary School
  • Little Cayman Education Service
  • Prospect Primary School
  • Savannah Primary School
  • Sir John A. Cumber Primary School
  • Spot Bay Junior School (Brac)
  • West End Primary School (Brac)

High schools:

  • Clifton Hunter High School
  • John Gray High School
  • Layman E. Scott Senior High School (Brac)

Important services provided to the public include:

  • Facilitating student registration
  • Facilitating transcript requests
  • Providing responses to various queries

1 (345) 244 2417

133 Elgin Ave, George Town, Grand Cayman

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