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National Roads Authority (NRA)

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The National Roads Authority’s (NRA) primary function is to secure the provision of a safe and efficient network of public roads. It has overall responsibility for the planning, supervision, construction, and maintenance of the road network.

Special Services:

• Set operational priorities with regard to construction, upgrading, rehabilitation and maintenance of public roads;

• Provision of medium to long term plans for road development that makeup a National Roads Plan. (updated every four years).

• Implementation of a maintenance management system for planning, organizing, directing and controlling routine and periodic maintenance activities performed by employees of the Authority or through independent contractors

• Securing the provision of construction, improvement and maintenance works on the road network;

• Carrying out, on a permanent basis, such necessary engineering traffic and economic studies that it may consider necessary for the maintenance and improvement of public roads.

• Training, research or testing activities in relation to any of its functions.

• Provide to the Minister advice on:
(i) the adequacy of the funding provided to the Authority from the Road Fund for financing the maintenance and construction of public roads;
(ii) the need to develop new, or abolish or amend existing, financing instruments for the Road Fund; and
(iii) the optimal level of Authority revenue from the Road Fund in the context of other revenue sources of the Authority

Opening Hours

Monday – 8.30am-5pm

Tuesday – 8.30am-5pm

Wednesday – 8.30am-5pm

Thursday – 8.30am-5pm

Friday – 8.30am-5pm

Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

1 (345) 946 7780

370 North Sound Road, George Town, Cayman Islands

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