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Best for Parents

This is a compelling manifesto for change within our schooling systems by TED talk rockstar Ken Robinson. An important read for parents and teachers alike.



A dazzling tour of the future of learning that shows us how we need to adapt our techniques to fully equip our children for the digital age.



A 2019 bestseller on how to foster a love of learning amid childhood chaos, parental self-doubt and ever-changing academic requirements.


Best for Children

This is a ‘back to school’ book with a twist; the first day of school is seen through the eyes of the school itself! Helps calm any new school jitters. For 4-8 year olds.



Like our bodies, our brains need exercise to stretch and grow. This award-winning book explains the science of the brain and its amazing capabilities. Ages 6+.



Written by the son of Stephen Covey, author of the original 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this book is a playbook for teen success.


Best Digital for Children

Fish School is an award-winning app with eight educational activities, teaching children letters, numbers, shapes and colours. Ages 2-5.
Free, available for iOS or Android.

Best Digital for Parents

Join over 300 million Duolingo users and learn a new languge, fast, with fun bite-sized lessons.
Free (with in-app purchases), available for iOS or Android.


Want to encourage a love of reading in your child? Click here for our top tips.

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