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Proof, Cayman Drama Society




7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


Prospect Playhouse, Grand Cayman

Set in the untidy back garden of a disheveled terraced house in Chicago, the play centres around Catherine who is scared that she might have inherited her father Robert’s mental and debilitating disease. Robert, a professor, was a world-renowned mathematician whose final four years were racked by mental illness and Catherine dropped everything to care for him. Now, Robert has passed, even though she still sees him standing right by her, chiding her to get a life and to continue her own, very private work in mathematics. Hal, an ex-graduate student of Robert, is scouring Robert’s house for any further works of mathematical genius which might have never been published by Robert. He has had well-suppressed feelings for Catherine and they emerge at this sad time. She is withdrawn at first, but Hal persists and wins from her a key to a locked desk drawer. A single notebook with an incredibly advanced and paradigm-shifting mathematical proof is discovered. But who wrote it? Claire, Catherine’s elder sister is more interested in transferring Catherine from Chicago to New York. Catherine suspects that Claire’s motives may have something to do with her own thoughts of possibly having inherited Robert’s mental issues. Sharp as a tack at one moment, lightly comedic at another, and definitely a love story, PROOF will take you backwards and forwards in time as the great mystery is solved.

A strong cast includes two newbies to leading roles – Jaci Patrick as Catherine and Marc Thomas as Robert. Joining them are Liam Oko as Hal and Kirsty Halliday as Claire.


Additional Information:
CDS recommends this play as an age 16+ due to some sexual content, strong language, and drug references.


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