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Family Fitness: We Like to Move it, Move it!

Incorporating fitness into your family’s daily routine may not be as tricky as it seems. Most activities that you can do together also include hidden benefits and provide an overall body workout.

1. Go snorkelling or swimming
Hit the pool and see who can swim or run through the water the fastest or set other challenges, like diving to pick up objects. While swimming you exercise your shoulders, arms, quads, calves and more. Every hour spent underwater burns 300 calories. Be sure to use reef friendly sun screen!

2. Take a hike
Explore the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park or Mastic Trail. The Botanic Park is made up of five themed gardens, woodland trails, a lake and wetlands and a nursery. The Mastic Trail is a wilderness path meandering through a variety of natural habitats. Some of Cayman’s rarest trees and geological features can be found here.

3. Attack the cleaning or gardening together
Make cleaning a high energy team activity and blast the house or the garden for a short intensive workout. Give the kids something age-appropriate like sweeping the floor or picking up leaves, and set a timer for them to complete their activity.

4. Yoga
Yoga enhances strength, flexibility, balance, alignment, focus and concentration. Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube.

5. Head out on the bikes, scooters or skateboards
Whilst many of the roads in Cayman are unsafe for kids to bike or scooter along, there are a few places that are safe. Camana Bay is a good place for kids to scoot around whilst you jog behind, or try the Black Pearl Skate Park behind Hurleys (CI$7 entry, CI$4 helmet rental fee).

6. Calisthenics
Calisthenics uses the weight of the body to build muscle and improve strength and flexibility. Try Cayman Calisthenics to learn how you can start incorporating calisthenic moves into your lifestyle.

7. Kick a ball about
The low-key joy of knocking a football or rugby ball about shouldn’t be underestimated. Even very little children (from about two years old) love getting involved in a kick about. If you live in a condo or house near other kids, get them involved too – the more, the merrier!

8. Just Dance
Whenever you have 10 minutes, and especially if the family is feeling sluggish or bored, pump up the tunes and dance like no-one’s watching. Take turns being the DJ!

9. Play tag
Tag is a brilliant way to fit in intensive bouts of cardio activity. Stick a coloured cloth or dish towel into your back pocket for children to snatch if that helps catch their imagination.

10. Walk, swim or run for charity
Cayman is home to a number of fundraising walks, runs and swims. There’s even the Cayman Islands Marathon and Kids Fun Run in December if you’re feeling ambitious!

Explore our events section for details of upcoming sporting events!

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