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Best for Parents

Best for Children

Written by the editors of The New York Times Book Review, this indispensable guide shows you how to coax children – from babies to teens – into a lifelong love of reading.

A collection of novels by Lucy and Stephen Hawkings following the adventures of a boy travelling through space. Educational as well as entertaining, learn about everything from life on Mars to the secrets of black holes.

Following the education of three Americans abroad, Ripley provides a first-hand account of how the various school systems operate around the globe and what we can learn from them.

A picture-book retelling of Darwin’s seminal publication. The stunning illustrations bring the theory of evolution to life for young readers with clarity, humour and charm.

Through a combination of personal stories and hard science, this book will make you rethink everything you know about dyslexia. Learn how to recognise it, how to utilise its strengths, and how to reframe it as an asset for success.

A charming and eccentric biography of Jackson Pollock. This storybook is an aesthetic delight with black-line illustrations paired with bursts of colour.




Best Digital for Parents

Discovery BBC World Service. This professional
podcast explores mind blowing science facts diving into interesting topics such as the reasons behind why we dream.
Free, available on iTunes and the BBC.

Best Digital for Children

Hungry Caterpillar Play School helps children learn the skills they will need for starting school including shapes and colours, alphabet, numbers, book reading and arts and puzzles. Ages 1-5. US$5.99 a month, available on iOS, Google and Android.


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