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Health Insurance Part IV | Eligibility Details for Kids

health insurance eligibility kids cayman

For your children to eligible for Health Insurance there are some key requirements you must be aware of.

These include the following:

  • According to the Health Insurance Law, children can be birth children, step children or legally adopted children.
  • The insurers may require a copy of birth and marriage certificates and/or immigration status to enrol a child and marriage certificates if enrolling step-children.
  • Most insurers require children to be bona fide residents of Cayman (with exception of children normally-resident in Cayman attending school abroad).
  • Grandchildren are not eligible for enrolment unless the grandparent has court-issued papers of guardianship.
  • No insurers in Cayman offer child-only (under 18 year old) individual policies (but children who start working before age 18 may be enrolled on their employer’s plans).
  • After the age of 18 or age 19 (depending upon the insurer) up to maximum age 30, children will need to submit annual or bi-annual proof of attending school or evidence of being financially dependent upon the parent to stay on their parent’s plan as  “overage dependants”.
  • Proof of overage eligibility must be maintained by the parents.
  • Some insurers require this statement of financial dependency (often to include a notary seal) as often as every six months.
  • Even if premiums are paid continuously, without such valid proof, claims will be pended / not paid and most importantly, the insurer will not be able to verify coverage in emergency situations.
  • The law requires minimum coverage but does not block additional coverage from being placed.
  • If your child is eligible for other plans via their college or other parent, consider if the potential benefits possibly warrant the extra costs.
  • Beware of dropping their Cayman plan for a college plan as the college plans may not cover them during vacations periods or whilst in Cayman – sometimes you will need both plans.
  • Usually children can be enrolled on both parents’ plan but the additional premiums may outweigh the additional potential benefits.
  • If the child marries or is working (except holiday jobs), that child should go on their own employer’s or spouse’s plan.
  • Parents may worry that the child’s employer’s plan is too expensive or that the quality of it isn’t as good as their own; however, since insurers can deny claims when eligibility criteria is not met, the parent’s plan could provide no protection when most needed.





In need of more information?

See our page on Rules & Regulations for kids’ health insurance. Need more answers? Get in touch with experts at Cayman FirstFidelity or Aon.



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