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Health Insurance Part III | Children & Travel

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Parents whose children travel either on school trips or to study overseas, should make sure their insurance plan covers them wherever they may be.

If studying overseas, it is not necessarily a good idea to drop their Cayman plan in favour of an overseas or college plan, especially if the college plan does not cover them during vacations or whilst in Cayman.

Equally, children studying in Cayman may travel to other countries for sports or school trips. In such cases it is important to find out what coverage their plan provides abroad. Many of the basic plans have minimal or no emergency benefits, and require Cayman referrals signed by two doctors or the Chief Medical Officer in order to receive major care overseas. Parents may therefore need to purchase additional medical travel insurance for the periods when their children make trips overseas. Often travel agents carry such policies.

Many overseas plans require pre-approval, so it is a good idea to provide the child or his/her caregiver with guidance on how to use the plan overseas. Your child will also need their ID card.

If a parent has children living overseas who come to visit them in Cayman, they too should ensure that the child(ren) have a home policy including overseas benefits, or a travel policy, to cover them in Cayman. The Major Medical Benefits (MMB) are the most important part of the coverage to review.

Need more information on health insurance for kids?

Experts at Cayman First, Fidelity, Aon can help. Also, check out our articles on kids’ eligibility for health insurance and the rules & regulations of kids’ health insurance in Cayman.


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