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Homeschooling In Cayman | A Cayman Mum’s Experience – Rebecca Davidson

REBECCA DAVIDSON family homeschooling photo

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Because of my job, homeschooling became the only option for our family! As a wedding photographer I work almost every Saturday, and during the week my photo shoots often start at 4pm and end at dinner time, so I was missing out on so many epic and important family moments. I was getting sad about losing time with the kids and I was beginning to not enjoy the job that I have always loved. So we made the decision when our son, Noah, was five and we have never looked backed! We hired a teacher and researched many, many curriculums that fit our family and the kids. We follow the regulations, but we fit in what excites our kids and also what we feel is important… like life skills that we felt many kids just don’t learn well.

Part of their schooling involved them being able to pick and choose recipes and then cook a meal for the family. The mixing pot of people in Cayman who LOVE to teach is incredible: we have an Indian Chef who pops over once a week to show the kids how to cook an Indian meal and they love this. Our children have also learnt how to plant herbs, cook plantains, make coconut oil, do the washing and clean a bathroom… yes, this was a hard one!

They do their daily core subjects and yes they do not like algebra or subjects that are boring to them, but we try to jazz it up and turn each ‘boring’ lesson in to something fun. September is when my photography season is very quiet, so we run their schooling until the end of July and then we all go on holiday. Last year we went to Spain and spent 30 days immersed in the Spanish culture, learning the language, enjoying the food and having new experiences. It was the most incredible bonding time for our family!

We keep on a close track on how many days the kids have to be in school, and all their work is graded and checked by their online teachers. The hardest part of homeschooling is keeping the children focused and motivated; it takes energy and a lot of work to make homeschooling work well.

Sports have probably been our biggest challenge: we have faced this in many different ways – at one point we did hockey, swimming, gymnastics, tennis and even surfing. We try to mix it up. Lately the kids have all shown an interest in filming and even coming to a few weddings with me.

Rebecca Davidson is an acclaimed Cayman-based wedding photographer.


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