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Your Social Life | Where To Meet Other Mums & Dads

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Let’s face it, regardless of one’s age, making new friends and boosting your social life can be challenging. Whether you are a first time mum, brand new to the Cayman Island, or a stay-at-home parent, you most likely want to meet some other lovely parents to keep you company, chat about the joys and struggles of parenthood (over coffee or wine!) and arrange playdates. We asked local parents how they’ve made new friends and they have shared their best tips below!  – Lindsay Thompson



When veteran parents were asked how they went about meeting other parents, many mentioned connecting at one of the childbirth classes offered on-Island. The classes are an excellent way to meet others who are also expecting babies around the same time. You will not only come away from the classes with a wealth of knowledge, equipping you for your hospital stay and delivery, you will very likely have made some soon-to-be parental acquaintances as well! See the Preparing for Childbirth page for more details.


Aside from being a quick resource, when you are looking for information in a pinch, there are several Facebook groups for parents on-Island. They are great places to keep up-to-date with social activities open for everyone to attend. Group members often share invitations to community and family events like playdates in the park, picnics and impromptu meet-ups with other parents.

Check out the following Facebook groups: Cayman Parent, Caymums, The Real Women of Cayman, and Mummy and Baby Catch-Up – where mums and their newborns meet every Tuesday morning at the Marriott. Better yet, start your own group! Send a Facebook shout out looking for other parents who enjoy gardening, speak Spanish, want to be part of a walking club etc. Making friends is a cinch when you share common interests!


Another excellent way to meet other Mums and Dads is through organised activities and lessons such as parent and baby yoga/exercise, sing-alongs, swimming and dance classes. There are loads of weekly activities, free, or otherwise!  Choose a few activities each week that fit with your baby/child’s schedule and GET OUT THERE! While you are out there, talk to people! Initiate conversation by asking “How old is your little one….?” Make eye contact, smile and introduce yourself. You are sure to come away from each activity with at least one new acquaintance and are certain to find that friendly face again at another activity. Before long, you will be exchanging numbers and setting playdates! See the Playgroup & Activities page for more information on weekly groups.


LIFELONG FRIENDSHIP: You may not realise it now but often parents make lifelong friends when their children start primary school. Having children the same age, in the same school can be a bonding experience for the parents and the children.

SOCIALISING: Socialising isn’t just important for new mums and dads, it’s important for babies too. Studies have shown that when babies interact with others at a very young age, it builds social skills and confidence. While children don’t begin to play together until they are about two or three years old, young babies benefit from the stimulation that exposure to other babies provides.



Check out the Cayman Parent Events Calendar to stay up-to-date with activities for all ages!


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