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Health Insurance Part II | School & College Age Children

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Whilst they are dependants, children are to be insured on their parents’ plan, but once they marry or begin regular work (not counting holiday jobs), they are usually no longer considered dependants eligible for the parents’ plans and should go on their spouse’s or own employer’s plan (even if under age 18). In the event that the child loses his or her job, returns to school or becomes financially dependent again, it is possible to apply to add them back on to their parents’ plan.

Young adults aged between 18 or 19 years old (depending on the insurer) and age 30, who are in school or college and/or otherwise financially dependent on their parent, may remain on their parents’ plan as an ‘overage dependant’. In order to cover an overage dependent, however, proof that they are studying or financially dependent must be provided on a regular basis to the insurer, often as frequently as every six months. It is the parents’ responsibility to maintain valid proof at all times.

Parents need to know and follow their insurer’s requirements in this important matter. Failure to provide such proof – even when premiums are paid – may result in claims not being paid, and the insurer will not be able to verify coverage in emergency situations.

Interested in learning more?

Check out our pages on Health Insurance for Kids Abroad and Eligibility Details for Kids. Have more questions? Get in touch with experts at Cayman FirstFidelity and CG BritCay.

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