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Learning to Drive & Rules of the Road

Smiling Teen Learning to Drive

Getting Your Licence

Once seventeen, Cayman’s teens are eligible to begin the process of getting their driving licence, and the first step is to sit the theory exam. To take this 40-minute test, which is made up of 40 questions, teens will need to make an appointment atone of the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing (DVDL) offices. An examination fee of CI$25 is charged at the time of booking. Candidates should prepare by studying the Official Road code booklet, available at any DVDL, or by reading Drive Safely in Cayman by Graham Walker. It has helped to prepare a lot of young drivers in Cayman and can be purchased directly from Graham (345) 926 2501 for CI$15 or is available for CI$18 at most book stores.

Once the theory test has been passed, a learner’s licence is issued; it is valid for six months and allows you to drive a vehicle while accompanied by a holder of a full Cayman licence. An ‘L’ plate must be visible on the front and back of the car and the insurance policy needs to cover the ‘learner’ driver. Learners need to wait six weeks before taking the practical test, and are encouraged to take driving lessons during this period. For driving lessons call Tony Martin on (345) 321 7218. Once the learner has passed the practical driving examination, they will receive a full, unrestricted driver’s licence.


  • Theory Test – CI$25
  • Practical Test – CI$50
  • Full 5 Year Licence – CI$125
  • Learner’s Licence – CI$60
  • Full 3 Year Licence – CI$75

Insuring a Young Driver

All drivers in the Cayman Islands must be insured on the vehicle(s) they drive. This includes learner drivers, which most insurance companies have specific policies for. Standard insurance policies usually only cover drivers aged 25-65, who have had a driving licence for twelve months or longer. So a special policy will need to be taken out for your young driver, but there’s a catch: insurance rates for young, inexperienced drivers can be very high. Certain vehicles such as those with engine sizes greater than two litres, convertibles or modified vehicles attract a higher premium, as do newer, higher value vehicles.

Buying a Used Car

Fortunately, quality second-hand vehicles are easy to come by in Cayman. For older, cheaper vehicles, can be a good place to look – though do be aware that purchasing a car from a private individual means you run the risk of not being informed of the car’s whole history. To avoid problems, it’s often worth getting a mechanic to check the car over for you prior to purchase.

Transferring vehicle ownership is very straightforward, as long as you deal with the official owner of the vehicle or go through a reputable car dealer. Local car rental companies also occasionally have pre-owned fleet sales. On average, the cost of a reliable used car is between CI$6,000 and CI$9,000.

The Rules of the Road

It is important that a new driver observes these six basic safety rules to keep themselves, their passengers, fellow drivers and pedestrians safe. Please review this section with them.

  1. Never drink and drive. It is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol level over 0.1%. DUI penalties include CI$1000+ fines, imprisonment for 6-12 months and loss of your licence. Drinking and driving can also result in your death or the death of others.
  2. Wear your seat belt. In Cayman, every driver or passenger in a vehicle must wear a seat belt and failure to do so can result in being fined a minimum of CI$100.
  3. Have a valid driving licence and insurance. It is illegal to drive without a valid licence or in an uninsured vehicle.
  4. Slow down. Drivers caught speeding by the police face a standard fine of $20 for every mile over the speed limit. If your fine exceeds $500, it is mandatory for you to make a court appearance.
  5. Park with a conscience. Parking spots marked with the universal handicap parking symbol are reserved for drivers with disabilities only.
  6. Don’t use a mobile phone while driving. It is illegal in Cayman and may result in an accident, a fine or loss of your licence.

All drivers may lose their right to drive if they are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or speeding excessively. If a driver loses their right to drive, they will be required to surrender their licence and, in some cases, at the end of the disqualification period, they may be required to take out a learner’s licence and retake their driving examination.

TOP TIP: All the DVDL offices/locations can get very busy, particularly just after opening and right before closing. You should try to time your visits around peak hours if possible. The DVDL cannot inspect cars when it’s raining, so avoid rainy days.

The Department of Vehicle & Drivers’ Licensing (DVDL)
990 Crewe Road, Red Bay
(next to First Baptist Church near Grand Harbour)
Tel: (345) 945 8344
Open: Monday-Friday, 8.30am-4pm

9 Reverend Blackman Road, West Bay
(Across from the West Bay Police Station)
Tel: (345) 949 7231
Open: Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 9am-4pm

Breakers, Frank Sound
(Across Sea View Road from the South Coast Bar and Grill)
Tel: (345) 244 5528
Open: Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 9am-4pm

The Department of Vehicle & Drivers’ Licensing (DVDL) in Cayman Brac:
District Administration Building, Dennis Rd
Tel: (345) 948 2222
Open: Monday-Friday, 8.30am-4pm

Little Cayman:
Little Cayman District Office
Open: (Normally) Every other Thursday 9am-2.30pm


If have any questions about how to use the roundabouts/lane system in Cayman, or if you are unsure of anything else driving-wise, contact the National Roads Authority (NRA).

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