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Nutritional Choices: Cooking Milestones By Age

Mom with daughter in kitchen cooking

Nutrition Starts At Home – Ages 3 to 18

Children mature at different rates, and as such, you’ll need to consider the ability of your child when it comes to learning basic kitchen skills, handling sharp objects, and getting involved in cooking.

– Andrea Hill, BASc, MSc, Holistic Nutrition Educator


3 to 5 Years-Old


6 to 8 Years-Old



9 to 12 Years-Old


13 to 17 Years-Old


18+ Years-Old


Did you know?

Taste of Cayman is coming up and children under 5 are free, and that year round Cayman has Teen and Adult Cooking Class? You and your child will be professionals before you know it!



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Cayman Nutrition

Chad Collins of Cayman Nutrition is an experienced, registered dietician.


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