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On-Island Internships for Teens: Meet The Interns!

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Two Caymanians Reflect On Their  Experiences With On-Island Internship Programmes

Name: Oleksander Martiuk
Nationality: Caymanian
Occupation: Hospitality and Tourism Management Student at Ryerson University, Toronto

How long have you interned with The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, and which departments did you work with?

I have spent three summers and one winter break interning at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. Throughout my internship the management team has rotated me through a variety of departments. I have had experience with Housekeeping, Finance, Food and Beverage, the Tennis Programme and the Front Office. Having experience with such a wide range of departments has given me substantial insight into hotel operations and helped me to better understand how the hotel business works from ‘behind the scenes’.

What was the application process like?

Very straightforward. I completed an online application with Marriott Careers which I downloaded from

What skills have you learned from your internship that have prepared you for full-time employment?

The Ritz-Carlton internship programme helped push me beyond my comfort zone. It has allowed me the unique opportunity to become a part of a multinational team of workers, who have in turn become my friends and mentors. Every day is different; always presenting me with the unexpected, but always leaving me feeling that I am doing something meaningful by making guests feel special. I understand better that the hospitality industry calls on a multitude of talents and skills, and this internship has given me the chance to develop these further.

Name: Jessica Barefoot
Nationality: Caymanian
Occupation: Master’s Student at the University of
Greenwich, United Kingdom

What were the benefits of doing an internship during your studies?

During my internship with Dart I was able to put theoretical knowledge to practice. It was useful to gain a sense of how my degree in Ecological Sciences could be directly applicable in a professional setting and it also introduced me to directions my degree could take me that I hadn’t considered before. Working with the Landscape and Design team allowed me to explore my creative side.

How has your internship prepared you for full-time employment?

While interning at Dart, you are expected to meet deadlines, stick to a schedule and liaise with senior employees. You are fully immersed in company culture and as such you are made to feel like a member of the team, whose opinions and ideas are valued. This hands-on approach allowed me to properly experience a professional environment, and acted as a good indicator for what full-time employment would entail.

Has your time at Dart helped you in your career decision making?

My internship at Dart was highly vocational. After spending time working with DECCO’s Landscape and Design team, I decided to pursue a Master’s in Landscape Architecture, with the intention of returning to the Island once qualified.






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