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Other Useful Information (Schools)



Enrolment Age & Requirements

For preschool, your child can usually start at age two or sometimes as young as 18 months.

For primary school, the starting age is either four or five and depends on whether you choose to educate your child in the British or American school system.

British school system:

  • Blue Waters Academy,
  • Cayman Prep and High School (CPHS)
  • St. Ignatius
  • government schools

American school system:

  • Cayman International School,
  • First Baptist School,
  • Grace Christian Academy
  • Triple C School.

Most private schools in Cayman will only test your child for placement if they are entering after Kindergarten (or Pre-K4). If your child is transferring from another school, they will likely need:

This standard report clearly states whether financial commitments have been met and is an essential component of the acceptance process for students transferring within the private school system.




Government Scholarships for A Levels

All Caymanian students accepted at a private school to take A Levels or an Associates degree at UCCI, can apply for a scholarship to help pay for their school fees.

If a student is accepted from a government school, they get the first year’s fees paid in full (plus text books) and then either CI$7,000 or CI$5,000 paid for the second year (it is decided on a points system based on the student’s GCSE results). They also must have higher passes in GCSE and/or CXC (Caribbean Examination Council) English Language and Mathematics to secure funding.

Current Caymanian students of either CPHS or St. Ignatius can apply for funding when they enter Year 12 (and 13). All students must obtain a minimum of two Cs and a D pass in their AS levels at the end of Year 12 in order to get the funding for the second year of 6th form.

The application period for local scholarship funding is 1st March to 30th April. Late applications will not be considered.

For more information please see the scholarships section of




Health Screenings

All new students entering either private or government schools for the first time must have a school medical exam before the new school year begins in September.

For students entering schools in West Bay and Eastern districts, health screenings will take place at district health centres from June 1-30.

For all other students, health screenings will take place at the John Gray High School Medical Centre (Nurse’s Office) from (approx.) 5th July to 18th August each year.

Appointments can be made at the school the child will be attending. Parents and guardians need to accompany their children to the health screening and they should also bring the child’s immunisation record. Vaccines will be offered to children whose immunisations are not up-to-date. Parents may have their child’s health screenings done by a private doctor.

The completed forms should be handed in at the John Gray High School Medical Centre (Nurse’s Office) before August 18th. For more information, please contact Nurse Carvell Bailey on (345) 244 2734 or (345) 244 2648.

In Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, school entry screenings can be done through the Public Health Nurse, Paula Moore-Simpson, at Faith Hospital on (345) 948 2243 7643, 244 2734 or (345) 244 2648.





Uniforms & Dress Code

Each school in Cayman will have approved vendors that sell uniforms and some schools sell them directly to parents. Every school will have different rules but most maintain a strict policy for school uniforms e.g. girls may have to wear their uniform skirts at a specified length. Some schools limit or prohibit jewellery and a few have specific rules for the hair styles of their male students. Parents should read the school’s dress code policy very carefully as most are not flexible and strictly enforced.




Exam Fees

It is worth noting that whilst all education is free for Caymanians (at government schools), parents must still pay for exam entry fees i.e. They have to pay for every CXSEC, GCSE or BTEC course (British and Technology Education Council) that is taken.

Fees are approximately:

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