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The Perfect Party Checklist

It’s time for you to organise a kid’s birthday party but you don’t have a clue where to start. To help you out, Cayman Parent has put together an overview of how to organise kid’s parties in Cayman.

1. Choose a Venue.

Cayman has numerous party venues which can take the stress out of organising! Kids will love a day spent skating at King’s Sports Centre, which has a party room available for rent, or a day spent splashing around with turtles at the Cayman Turtle Centre. See pages 222 and 239 in the print or digital version of Cayman Parent for some more venue ideas.

Cheaper Alternative: Host the party at home, at a park or on the beach. But bear in mind that while they are more wallet-friendly, they usually require more work! Cabanas at parks and beaches are free, although you’ll need to book online at If you decide to host a party in your home or condo pool, then consider hiring a life-guard from one of the swimming schools (see page 225). That way you can ensure the childrens’ safety while you are rushing around.

2. Decide on a Time.

Younger kids tend to do better in the mornings, whereas school age children suit afternoon parties and it gives you some extra organising time. If you’re hosting a party outside, then be mindful of the heat (and rainy season!) and ensure you have plenty of water on hand.

3. Send out Invitations.

You can buy beautiful invitations at any of Cayman’s party shops and some even offer customisation options. Don’t feel pressurised into inviting the whole class if it’s not financially possible or you do not wish to host a large party. You could just invite the girls/boys. It is a good idea to be upfront on invitations about whether siblings of children invited can attend.

Cheaper Alternative: Utilise free and inexpensive digital email invitations such as those on Paperless Post or Evite. These same platforms can be used for sending out your ‘thank you’ notes post-party!

4. Food & Drink.

Party venues will usually provide food as part of their party package, but if you are hosting at home you will need to organise food and drinks. Try one of Cayman’s caterers, or the supermarkets can provide party platters of fresh sandwiches, snacks and fruit. Local bakeries can produce a delicious cake to match your theme.

Cheaper Alternative: Make the sandwiches and cakes yourself or you can even just order pizzas or throw some burgers on the BBQ. Serve with chips and fruit skewers.

5. Photographs.

It’s easy to forget to take photos of your child’s special day when you are rushing around organising children, so it makes sense to hire a professional photographer. Cayman’s photographers can capture all the highlights of your little one’s big day!

Cheaper Alternative: Ask a friend to be in charge of taking photos with your camera so you can focus on the fun. Don’t forget to let them know if there are any key pictures you’d like, such as blowing out the candles.

Note: A number of kids on-Island request donations
to one of Cayman’s local charities in lieu of birthday
gifts, then personally drop the money off!

7. Games & Entertainment.

Face painters, magicians, balloon twisters and other entertainers will all elevate your child’s party, but make sure to book them well in advance. You could also hire a bouncy castle, water slide and giant garden games such as Connect Four, Jenga and Twister.

Cheaper Alternative: Consider DIY entertainment! Games such as musical statues, sleeping lions, blind man’s bluff and pass the parcel are suitable from about the age of four and offer lots of fun for little or no cost.

6. Theme & Decorations.

Cayman’s party shops stock a wide variation of decorations. Popular themes include: Pirate (perfect for Cayman!), Disney, Mad Scientist, Frozen, Animals/Jungle, Circus, Sports – the choices are endless. They also offer equipment rental such as tables and chairs.

Cheaper Alternative: Keep the decorations simple with just some balloons and streamers – or even better, create your own bunting! You will find plenty of free templates online.

8. Party Favours.

These are hugely popular and are a nice way for the birthday child to thank you for attending their party. Gifts can include pencils, stickers, mini colouring books, bouncy balls and a few sweets. Try and avoid too much plastic though.

Cheaper Alternative: Give each child a small memento or slice of birthday cake to take home. Foster’s at the Airport has a dollar aisle which may help with small items that won’t break the bank.

9. Thank You Notes.

Don’t forget to send out ‘thank you’ notes to show your gratitude for children attending the party and for presents received. Be sure to keep a gift log as you open presents so you remember who to thank for what.

For party venues check out Camp Seafire, Party Mania, Cayman Turtle Centre and Pedro St. James!

Need a cake for a special occasion? Why not try The Cake Studio?

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