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Stocking the Nursery: What to Buy

Childs Room Playroom

Decorating a nursery for your new baby is one of the most enjoyable pre-baby tasks. It’s an exciting way to daydream about what the future might look like once your baby arrives. You can pick up most things you need in Cayman’s baby and furniture stores. There’s also a booming second hand market – via friends passing things on, thrift stores or forums like and Hope of Cayman Buy & Sell on Facebook. Things on these sites can go quickly though, so you’ll need to move fast to snap up a bargain!

Moses Basket, Crib & Mattress

All cribs sold in the US and UK meet established US and EU safety standards, so you can trust that all cribs from these places are safe. Mattresses should be firm, flat and covered in waterproof material (or a waterproof cover). There should be no more than two fingers-width of gap between the mattress and the edge of the crib. You will also probably need a bassinet or portable Moses basket for the first 3-6 months. For safety reasons, mattresses should always be bought new.
Available at Tomlinson Furniture, Bedside Manor, Baby Express.


With so many choices on the market, parents often feel overwhelmed when it comes to picking a stroller. From travel systems, umbrella strollers, jogging strollers and 4WD strollers, the choices are endless. The most important factor is safety – make sure it has a five-point harness. Secondly consider how you will be using your stroller in Cayman. Will you be walking a lot and on what kind of terrain? Is it easy to collapse and get in and out of the car and will it adapt to your child’s needs as they grow? You’ll also want to ensure it provides good shade for your baby
Available at Baby Express.


Car Seat

One of the most important purchases you’ll make. It’s really important that the car seat is installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Children should be rear-facing until 24 months, and it is best to buy new car seats rather than second hand. Make sure the car seat is fitted – and you know how to get it in and out of the car – several weeks before your due date, just in case!
Available at Baby Express.

Formula Makers

Say goodbye to mixing formula at 2am with a screaming child in your arms. With fully customised settings all you need to do is press a button and you will have a warm bottle of milk within seconds. Simply empty a bag of formula into the compartment and refill with water every morning and you are good to go. This is a game changer!
Available at Baby Express.

Bouncy Chair

A baby bouncer can be a life saver for busy parents! Pop your little one into the bouncer to free up your hands to make a bottle, cook, take a shower or enjoy a cup of tea! There are numerous options available including models that gently rock the baby, play music and have toy bars. Always ensure your child is strapped in. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that baby bouncers should always be left on the floor—never on an elevated surface or on beds.
Available at Baby Express.

High Chair

At around six months old your baby will start eating solids and it will be time to purchase a high chair. This will be one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment in your home which your child will use until they are two or three years old. When looking for a high chair, comfort and ease of cleaning should be top priority. Otherwise, you might be stuck with a chair that annoys you each and every time you use it, instead of one that makes your life easier.
Available at Baby Express.




Occasionally you might need to get some items shipped to Cayman. Although shipping costs can seem reasonable, it is the duty rate that usually pushes the cost up; the vast majority of baby items are charged 22% duty on arrival in Cayman. Small cargo shipping services are often the best option. The shipper will give you an address in Miami to have your items delivered to.

They will then be shipped to Cayman on their weekly sailing. If you are ordering a number of items, they will hold them in Miami for up to 30 days so you can ship everything together. On arrival in Cayman, the shipper will clear the shipment through Customs for you and let you know when you can collect it. They can even deliver it to your home for an additional charge.

For more nursery and baby supplies to suit all of your home-baby needs, see Welcome Baby.

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