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Q&A: Cayman’s Dadtrepreneur Supermen

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Cayman Parent is pleased to showcase these talented and creative business-minded fathers. Read on to hear first-hand accounts of the drive and dedication of these Dadtrepreneurs. From building social media networks, running a watersports company and building homes, offices and a successful art collective, these men are demonstrating how to balance work and family life effectively!


Andrew West

WhosAroundMe SEZC


What is your business, product or invention?

We build branded private social networks for different organisations, primarily in the education industry.


What did you want to become when you were a kid?

An Olympian. I was so inspired watching the Seoul Olympics in 1988. I came close and was in the GB Hockey training squad for the Athens Olympics in 2004, however I got injured a few weeks before the Games. I represented England and GB 56 times before ‘retiring’ aged 24.


Share one business highlight you’ve had over the past year.

Last year we sold the Intellectual Property Rights for our technology to a listed education software provider in the UK for the UK, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian education markets. The deal meant we could return some money to our investors, but also gave credibility to everything we had been working on for three years. We weren’t ‘crazy’ after all!


Do you think fatherhood has made you a better entrepreneur and why?

I quit my corporate career on my son’s first birthday, so I’d say having children made me recognise that if I wanted to be ‘successful’ for them, then I needed to be doing something I was happy doing and I wasn’t happy in my corporate career.


How easy is it for you to balance work and family life?

I mostly work from home, so I am lucky to be able to see my kids a lot.







Derek Serpell

Evolving Island


Do you think fatherhood has made you a better entrepreneur?

It’s helped me realise that kids are the future. I want my kids to be independent and give every endeavour that interests them a go. You have to lead by example and show them that any venture can be successful if you are engaged with it and put time, effort and thought into it.


What is your business?

We provide both corporate and private clients across the Caribbean with a wide spectrum of professional services – including architecture and interiors, construction management, and development and feasibility consultancy.


If you could choose three famous people as business partners, who would they be and why?

Richard Branson, because he pushes the boundaries and believes in the people he works with. Ruth Porat, for her infamous focus on the bottom line and Pete Cabrinha because he gets to kitesurf every day.


What was your first ever business idea and what did you do with it?

At age 12 I started collecting and selling dead coral to tourists in Hawaii. I made a significant profit for two days until my parents found out why I was so flush. They then “explained” it was illegal and perhaps not the best for the environment.







Marc Laurenson


What is your business?

My wife, a close friend and I run a business called Stoak’d. The idea is to design artwork that is unusual in manner but socially acceptable. We sell artwork, watches, clothing, sunglasses and more.


Have your kids had any input when it comes to your business?

Stoak’d originally just made artwork and shirts but since having my little girl Mila, we have expanded into baby onesies. We print our artwork on plain onesies and the people of Cayman love them!


Share one business highlight you’ve had over the past year.

My wife winning the Poinciana Awards 2017 for best monochromatic. At Stoak’d we push each other to do the best we can, and it’s always rewarding when one of our artists is recognised for their work.


How easy is it for you to balance work and family life?

Juggling my day job, the Stoak’d business and our little girl Mila is hard! The key for us is my wife and I sharing the load; some days I work late getting orders completed and Pam looks after Mila, and other days we switch. Somehow we make it work!


How do you use social media?

I’ve always used Facebook but my wife has recently converted me to Instagram.






Peter Jervis

Fat Fish Adventures

What is your business?

I’m the owner and manager of Fat Fish Adventures – a water sports company. We offer jet ski tours and private boat charters to Stingray City and the surrounding areas.


Where do you see yourself in 20 years time?

Retired and spending the summer on the west coast of Canada and winters in Little Cayman – with my fishing boat and
my family nearby.


Who would you most like to have dinner with?

My wife, but if she is busy, Beyoncé.


If you could choose three famous people as business partners, who would they be and why?

Obama for his wisdom, Nelson Mandela for his human rights activism and Meryl Streep – she has been well loved and successful for so long.


Do you think fatherhood has made you a better entrepreneur and why?

Yes, because I need to not only provide for them but set an example and a strong work ethic. I hope they learn never to give
up on something they believe in.


Share one business highlight you’ve had over the past year.

We were chosen by an overseas company to exclusively take their celebrity clients out on our tours when they are in Grand Cayman.



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