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Spotlight | Cayman’s Super Nannies Q & A

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Learn more about some of the super nannies taking care of thousands of children around the Cayman Islands. Learn what influences them, and hear their funny stories and tips for entertaining children!


Orawan, also known as Gam, is nanny to three children aged 10, 12 and 14. She’s a real foodie and loves to cook for the children.

Where did you grow up and were you the youngest or oldest child in your family?  

I was born in northern Thailand. I’m the youngest and have two older brothers.

What do you enjoy most about looking after children?          

I love cooking and I love to cook good food for the children. It makes me very happy to see them enjoy my meals.

What do you find the most challenging or interesting part of looking after children?

The three children I look after all have different diet requirements or allergies. I have to be very careful when preparing their food. I have experience in the hospitality industry which helps with this!

Do the children you look after have a favourite meal you cook for them?

Each of the children has a different favourite. Cian loves Thai food – spring rolls and curry, Ciara loves pasta, creamed cheese and chicken and Maeve loves spinach, sweet potato and meat.

If you could invite three famous people (dead or alive) to join you for dinner, who would you choose and why?

Gordon Ramsay because I really want him to try my food, my mother so she can see how well I cook and what I have learnt from her, and Buddha who taught us that we should eat to live, not live to eat!

What is your top tip for keeping young children entertained?

The children love to listen to all different types of music. We always have music playing loudly in the car after school – everyone sings loudly which is great fun!


Nell looks after gorgeous twin boys who have just turned one. She is originally from the UK.

What are your favourite childhood memories?

Despite growing up in London, I was never much of a city girl; I always loved nature. I fondly remember my summers spent in the Irish countryside of Kerry. Running around fields and over hay bales with friends and family that I just saw for this short time every year. Mountain walks, bike rides, playing pool and listening to local bands at the pub until lock-in, and having a wild kind of freedom that wasn’t possible in London.

What do you enjoy most about looking after children?

I love the amazement and joy children find in the smallest things, and how magical and creative their minds are; I love the general innocence and naïveté of children and how brutally honest they are, because they haven’t yet developed a people-pleasing filter. I have a memory of a young boy I used to look after – we were on a train and I gave him a handful of mini eggs which he was savouring, and as we walked outside, I turned back to see him handing one of his last, half-melted eggs to a homeless man. It brought such a smile to his face, and mine; and that’s just one example of children’s beautiful lack of social constructs.

How do you keep young children entertained?

I think the most important thing is just to be silly. We lose a lot of our playfulness as we get older, because it doesn’t fit into the adult roles we’ve created for ourselves, but everyone likes to be silly at heart.


Jamaican super nanny Pauline has been looking after Alex (10) and Georgie Grover (7) for over 7 years.

Who is your greatest influence when it comes to childcare?

My mother. There were nine children in our family, and four just around my age, and she taught us how to look after each other, how to share whatever we had, and to be loyal and kind to each other. She taught us to respect not just each other, but other people. We learnt how to play well together. The children I look after also inspire me.

What do you enjoy most about looking after children?

I love all stages of their development! I love when they are babies and you can cuddle and sing to them, you can get down on the floor with them and teach them to crawl, and they won’t wander off when you do arts and crafts with them! Then when they are older, you can teach them other things: how to respect themselves and other people; how not to bully others and to be kind and considerate; and I think it’s important to teach them how to pick up after themselves and put their things away. I love hearing them read and I want to help them with their homework. I also love to teach them how to say their prayers at night.

What is your top tip for keeping young children entertained?

Have lots of books, plus arts and crafts ideas and a few games at hand, and then get down on their level, read to them and play with them. Show them how to make things and always teach them with patience and love. Take them to activities and let them meet and interact with other children. Letting them socialise and play with other children is very important!


Carmelita (Lita) grew up in the Philippines. She looks after two children aged 13 and 11 and has been with the family for 14 years!

What are your favourite childhood memories?

I remember climbing trees – I used to enjoy that with all my brothers and sisters. We didn’t have iPhones and electronics, we just had to play with nature!

Who is your greatest influence when it comes to childcare?

My mother. She raised nine children.

Do the children you look after have a favourite meal you cook for them?

Yes they do, they call it Lita’s Rice. It’s just fried rice with chicken, vegetables and egg. They love it!

What do you enjoy most about looking after children?

I love making sure they’re well cared for, happy and healthy.

Share one of your funniest experiences involving the child/children you look after.

When the girls were younger, every day was funny, they were always silly and loved dressing up! I remember one week when Grace insisted on wearing a princess dress every day to Little Trotters.

What have you learnt from the children you look after or from your role as a nanny?

Every child is different, even when being brought up in the same household. You need patience, kindness and love.

What is your top tip for keeping young children entertained?

Always join in with playtime. Make the effort to do jigsaws, colouring or games. That way it keeps everyone busy!


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