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Tips and Recipes for Weekday Meal Planning

It’s impossible to underestimate how brilliantly helpful weekly meal-planning is! Coming home and knowing exactly what you’re going to cook for dinner, or having a defined plan for the lunch box when you’re tired and fraught, is a game-changer. It also helps you streamline your shopping and significantly reduce food waste. Buy a small whiteboard or pin board, or just jot it down on a piece of paper. Then allocate some time each week, ideally before you’ve done your shopping, and get planning.

Here we feature two weeks of meal plans for lunch and dinner to give you a sample of how your own meal plans might look. We haven’t included dessert here; in general, fresh fruit is always a great option. Or take a look at the healthy snack ideas for other dessert solutions.

Another great option is locally prepared frozen meals from Boxed. Made by hand using the same ingredients and techniques you would at home, meals are frozen at -35°C so they taste freshly made and there are no nasty additives. With other 20 different meal options including spaghetti bolognaise, seafood pie, mac n cheese, chicken bites and much more, there is something for even the pickiest of eaters.  Pick up Boxed meals at numerous supermarkets and other outlets around the Island.

TOP TIP: Whilst this is an idealised home-cooked meal planner to give you inspiration, don’t beat yourself up if some nights are just ‘whatever you can find in the fridge’ kinds of evenings, or if you stick on some fish fingers, potato waffles and baked beans one night. As in all things, try and find a balance!

Healthy Snack Idea

  • Oatmeal cookies (see our Super Lunchbox Recipes article)
  • Banana bread (preferably home-made)
  • Rice cakes with almond butter and banana slices
  • Fruit salad with unsweetened yoghurt
  • Any fruit or veg – a peeled carrot during TV time is always a win!
  • Ham and cheese roll-up and crackers
  • Plain yoghurt with frozen berries and dark chocolate chips
  • Dried fruit, nut and seeds (not suitable for under 3’s)
  • A smoothie
  • A glass of milk
  • Unsweetened apple sauce


Holistic Nutrition Educator Andrea Hill has this tip: “Remember that snacks, like meals, need to be balanced with adequate protein and healthy fats. So add a few cheese cubes alongside the apple sauce, or stir in some chia seeds to get a longer lasting energy boost. The same applies to smoothies: great protein and fat additions to smoothies include hemp seeds, tahini, chia seeds, any nut or seed butter or plain Greek yoghurt.”

Meal planning is pretty straightforward when you get down to it. Here are a few tips that should make it even easier:

For advice on how to build brilliant lunchboxes – click here.

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