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Top 5 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Home

‘Twas the night before Christmas,

and all through the home,

Mummy watched as the germs run, spread, and roam.

The kids call for her, ‘Protect Us!’ they say!

So their hero returned with Beep Disinfectant Spray’

Did you know that 80% of kids’ cuddly toys harbour dangerous bacteria that can cause food poisoning and other illnesses?

Most parents know that when you have an infant, young child, or even teenager, it is important to keep toys, kitchen surfaces, floors, and doorknobs as clean as possible. Common childhood illnesses such as chickenpox, head lice and impetigo are all spread through sharing headphones, water bottles, and being close to another child (less than a meter away).

Although housecleaning may not be the most exciting activity, taking the time to eliminate germs in your home and on your child’s belongings can really help toward keeping yourself and your children healthy.

This holiday season, families are reminded to ensure their homes are clean, especially when children are exchanging gifts, hugs and laughs. However, ‘clean’ does not just mean at surface level; microscopic germs can be virtually undetectable, and without proper precautions, they can grow and spread to other areas in your home. In this article, we give you 5 tips to make sure that your home is safe, clean, and germ-free this Christmas. We recommend that you use Beep Disinfectant spray to effectively eliminate germs in your home.

Beep Disinfectant kills 99.9% of mould, viruses and bacteria on contact and eliminates any odours in under 60 seconds. Keeping your home clean is a constant endeavour – that’s why Beep’s family of air fresheners, dishwashing liquids and disinfectants can help your home exude cleanliness.

Tips & Tricks

Porous surfaces in your home, such as wooden cabinets or countertops, will harbour the most bacteria – that’s why it’s important to always remember to keep on top of surface cleaning.

1. Clean your surfaces with an effective sanitizer spray.

Especially now amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to remember that Coronavirus and other viruses are commonly spread through touching infected surfaces. By disinfecting your surfaces with an antibacterial or sanitizing spray, you can avoid your family contracting viruses, and coming into contact with various other harmful bacteria.

To clean your home effectively and maintain a healthy environment for your children, try using a surface disinfectant and sanitizer like Beep Disinfectant Spray. Beep Disinfectant Spray is manufactured in Barbados by McBride (Caribbean) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Goddard Enterprises Ltd.  It has been in production for over 10 years and has been efficacy tested by laboratories with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) compliance.

2. Prioritise commonly touched areas that harbour bacteria, mould, and fungi.

Available in three different fragrances (Fresh Air, Island Breeze and Original), Beep Disinfectant Spray is effective against bacteria and fungi (i.e. mould) on hard, non-porous surfaces (e.g. stainless steel, glass, plastic, laminate, glazed and unglazed tile). Spray your kitchen appliances, windows, and glass surfaces with Beep to keep them sparkly and germ-free.

3. Spray your bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

Beep Disinfectant can be used on bathroom and kitchen surfaces, as well as commonly touched surfaces in the home and office (e.g. telephones, doorknobs, light switches, workstations). To use Beep, hold the can 6 to 8 inches away from the surface. Spray for 2 to 3 seconds until the surface is covered with mist and allow to air dry. Alternatively, spray the surface until it is covered with mist and allow to stand for 30 seconds before wiping with a clean cloth.

4. Kill any viruses in your home before they spread.

Although Beep has not yet been tested against the SARS virus that causes COVID-19, it is known that its high ethanol concentration (78%) will be effective against the COVID-19 virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Chemical Disinfectants: Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Health Care Facilities states that the optimum ethanol concentration for killing bacteria is 60% – 90% while concentrations of 60% – 80% have been deemed highly effective against viruses. When you use Beep, you can be sure that you are using a strong, preventative measure against virus production.

5. Clean as you go along!

One of the main tips to keeping your home clean is to keep it organised. Make sure that you have a designated place for all the kids’ toys and essentials such as blankets, bottles, and clothes, and make sure everything is put away immediately after it has been used. The best way to avoid a massive mess is to keep the mess small to begin with! After you have cleared up any objects, use Beep on a piece of kitchen towel/a rag and wipe down surfaces where the toys/items were. Especially this Christmas, as kids will be playing with their new additions, many things will be shared and enjoyed, and can spread germs if kids then touch their eyes, nose, or mouth. Make sure that you give your kids’ toys a wipe down with Beep when they are finished to make sure they stay squeaky-clean and do not fall ill.

To purchase Beep Disinfectant Spray, please contact Cayman Distributors Group (CDG) by calling 1 (345) 945 2222.

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