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What We Miss The Most – A poem by Krishmar Santokie & Isaac Williams


No book pages turning,

No chairs moving,

No running down the hallway,

No site of our friends,

These are the things we miss at school,

Trees blowing,

Chickens running,

Iguanas crawling,

These are what we see when home schooling.


Pots Knocking,

Dishes washing,

Forks clanking

Kettle steaming,

These are the sounds coming from the kitchen.


Mom yelling,

Dad drilling,

Brother revving,

Mama praying,

These are the sound we hear every day when home schooling.


But the things we need to hear and see the most are:

Our school bus blowing,

Our school bell ringing,

Our friend and teachers praying,

Our school register marking,

Our principals visiting,

Our school chefs cooking,

Our Janitors cleaning,

Our security guarding,

Our school Police Officers patrolling,

These are what we miss the most.


We miss playing on our school track,

We miss our sweet treats from Dr. Akins,

We miss hearing the music from Mr. Hinds,

We miss singing in the choir with our friends,

We miss doing morning miles,

We miss running with Mr, Hamil,

We miss hearing Mr Pedley reminding us “it’s a brand-new day, with brand new opportunities”,

These are who and what we miss the most.


Even though we miss these things,

We must obey social distancing,

So staying at home is best,

With a chance to get lost of rest,

But we must also be our best,

While online schooling puts us to the test.

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