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CP Tips | Your Guide To School Dress Up Days


For the uninitiated, or the unprepared parent, dress-up/dress-down days can be a complete headache. Leave it too late and every store in Cayman is completely sold out of what you need to turn your child into a doctor or a scientist for a day. So, to help parents feel prepared, we have done a bit of digging and here is what we found.

Cayman International School (CIS)

At CIS the last Friday of every month is a dress down day in aid of a specific charity. Students are encouraged to donate CI$2 and they can then dress in the specific theme or colour chosen for that day. The middle and high school students at CIS hold an annual Spirit Week (usually in February or March) where every day is given a different theme, and for a week the students will dress up accordingly. CIS also encourages dressing up at Halloween but students are asked to wear non-violent and non-revealing costumes. Finally, once a year CIS holds an international day during which students dress in national clothing from their country of origin.

Cayman Prep School

Cayman Prep holds various dress-up days during the course of the school year and specific ones that happen annually. These are in addition to the occasional dress-down day in aid of a charity. Children should bring CI$2 to participate.


George Town Primary School

GTPS hold Culture Days throughout the year and there is a significant emphasis on students and teachers dressing up.


First Baptist Christian School

FBCS hold a dress-down day once a month in support of a local or an international charity. Students are encouraged to contribute CI$1. May: Cayman Culture – Held to benefit the National Trust, children are encouraged to dress in anything that represents Cayman.

Montessori By The Sea

On the last Friday of every month, Montessori by the Sea hosts a dress-down day. Students contribute CI$1 in support of a chosen charity (e.g. the National Trust, ARC, Feed Our Future) and are usually required to wear a specific colour showing their support. In addition to the monthly dress-down days, students occasionally participate in separate themed dress-up days. The themes of these days are learning-based and may change according to the specific subject being covered in the respective class.

St. Ignatius Catholic School

Like most private schools on the Island, St. Ignatius holds various dress-up/down days during the course of the school year and specific annual ones. Students are asked to contribute CI$2 to a charity. On Commonwealth Day children are invited to come in their national dress. On National Book Day, students are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite character from a book. However, on the days they do a charity dress up/down students are asked to dress in the colour that supports the charity. For example, yellow and green for Cayman Hospice, purple and red for Feed our Future or pink for Cayman Cancer Society. More information can be found on the school calendar website on the St. Ignatius website.


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