Meet two individuals from Grand Cayman who have attended overseas boarding schools and get the real scoop on life as a boarder.

Lara Humphries


Bryanston School, Dorset, England

Lara is currently in Year 12 after joining Bryanston in Year 9. Previously, Lara studied at Cayman Prep.

What is the best thing about being at boarding school?

The friendships that you make. I also love being able to try so many new things, learning to push myself out of my comfort zone in such an encouraging and supportive environment.

What advice would you give someone about boarding school?

Moving to a new school can be very nerve-racking; coming from a small island and moving over to the UK feels like a massive change and can be quite scary, but you would be surprised by how quickly you settle in and in no time at all you feel like you have another home. Being authentically who you are is so important, showing your true passions and having pride in what you do. Being outgoing and willing to try new things is also so important in making the most of your time at boarding school.

Did you experience homesickness and how did you overcome it?

Without a doubt the first few weeks in a new environment were very strange and it can be quite difficult to adjust, however being around so many people in the same position as you makes everything a lot easier. Keeping busy was the largest help. Doing something new easily keeps your mind off home. The support system at Bryanston (teachers, peer mentors and buddy groups) was also a great help in this. Throughout the years the school has felt more like home and returning to school and seeing your friends, doing all the things you love is wonderful.

What are your favourite extracurricular activities and why?

I have tried a number of ECAs while being at Bryanston from jewellery making to cookery. My favourite would have to be dance, something I never thought I could enjoy so much. ECAs are a massive highlight and they are a great way to make new friends, try new things and become even better in the things you are passionate about. Whatever your interests are I can assure you there is something exciting for you to do, the list is endless.

Tarik Cheltenham


Cheltenham College, Gloucestershire, England

Tarick is currently in Third Form after starting Cheltenham College in September 2021. Previously, Tarick studied at Cayman Prep.

What was the best thing about being at boarding school?

The sense of community within the Houses and how the House structure encourages bonding between the year groups. I have also enjoyed meeting different people from all around the world. I appreciate the way that the school encourages me to step outside my comfort zone and gives me the opportunity to try lots of new things.

What is the hardest thing about boarding school?

To begin with, it is being independent and staying organised – not forgetting prep or books for a certain lesson, or remembering when your next activity is. My matron at Cheltenham College is always there to help and support us to develop.

What advice would you give a pupil about to start boarding school?

Don’t worry about new or uncommon situations as you are not the only one who is doing this for the first time. Don’t be scared to ask if you don’t understand something. Also, write a list of what you need to pack so you don’t forget anything!

What are your favourite extracurricular activities?

I really enjoy water sports. I will be doing Rowing at College for the second time this term. I enjoy Rowing at the boathouse because it is a fun team sport and there have been no expectations, as the majority of those pupils in my year have never rowed before either. For my Monday evening activity last term, I took part in Water Polo which taught me new skills and helped with my fitness. I also took part in the Photography Club as my Monday activity in the first term, as it is something I find interesting, and it is not something I would usually do.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a weekend at Cheltenham College?

On Sundays, pupils are allowed to enter town to see friends, grab some food, go bowling or go to the cinema as it's only a short walk and is a safe town. In the evening we have a roast and then evening Chapel which is a nice way to close out the weekend. Some weekends we will go on House or year group activities.