Cooking with children not only teaches them an important life skill but it helps them practice match and build their language skills. It also teaches them the importance of healthy eating from a young age.

BC Child Right This Very Minute 1

Right This Very Minute

Lisl H. Detlefsen

Where does the food on my plate come from? This book teaches children about farm-to-table eating. Find out where food comes from and see the hard work of farming and the cool technology today’s farmers use.

BC Child Eating the Alphabet

Eating the Alphabet

Lois Ehlert

Teach your child about upper and lowercase letters whilst introducing them to fruits and vegetables from around the world. The glossary at the end provides interesting facts about foods to get them ready for mealtimes.

BC Child Nadiyas Bake me a Story

Nadiya's Bake Me a Celebration Story

Nadiya Hussain

There are so many special moments to celebrate as a family throughout the year and with Nadiya, your child can help join in with these moments by baking tasty treats for all to enjoy. Storybook meets cookbook meets activity book to make a delicious sweet treat.


The Forest Feast for Kids

Erin Gleeson

With a beautiful collection of food photography, Gleeson’s book makes fun recipes simple for kids to follow independently. Gleeson’s focus on simplicity and freshness will inspire any little one to be creative with cooking!


Super Foods for Super Kids Cookbook

Noelle Martin

This cookbook will take your little ones on a cooking adventure! Martin promotes healthy foods as giving kids ‘superpowers’, helping them realise the importance of nutrition from a young age. Checkout the ‘banana sushi’ and ‘pizza for breakfast’ recipes!


Bring Me Some Apples and I'll Make You a Pie

Robbin Gourley

This book tells the story of renowned American chef Edna Lewis – a great inspiration of farm-to-table cuisine. Illustrated beautifully with watercolours and foodiesongs, this book is sure to inspire any budding young chef.