Ashley drover

Ashley Drover

Occupational Therapist at KidsAbility

Ashley Drover is an Occupational Therapist at KidsAbility.

Ashley pursued the field of Occupational Therapy after understanding the profession’s ability to assist others with inclusion and independence. Ashley received her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy in 2016 from Glasgow Caledonian University (Scotland, U.K.). Ashley moved to the U.K after completing her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Memorial University in her home province of Newfoundland, Canada.

Ashley has spent the past 5 years working as an Occupational Therapist with a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team. Her experience has been a mix of clinical and community services primarily working with adults experiencing cognitive or physical difficulties. She has years of experience creating unique treatment plans for individuals with goal-based outcomes. Ashley has established her therapeutic approach in interviewing, assessment, and treatment to be individualised and personable to make the experience calm and informative.

Ashley believes in lifelong learning and has completed the following additional courses and workshops:

  • Visual Processing Therapy: Helping Individuals with Sensory Processing Disorders. ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia
  • and Acquired Brain Injury – Leonard Press
  • Anxiety Interventions: Exposure Therapy and Relaxation Skills Training – Randy Paterson
  • Ayres Sensory Integration Clasi- Modules 1-6
  • Concussion Summit- PESI
  • Social Thinking – Sharing an Imagination
  • CO-OP: The Basics
  • How to Stop Letter Reversals in Their Tracks
  • Understanding and Managing Visual Deficits in Children – Mitchell Scheiman
  • DIR Floortime Professional Course – Dr. Stanley Greenspan

Learning Without Tears:

  • Cursive Handwriting Virtual Workshop
  • A Multi-sensory Approach to Pre-K Part 1 and 2
  • Print Handwriting Workshop