Nora Knijf

Nora Knijf, Speech-Language Pathologist at Kidsability.

Nora is a qualified Speech-Language Therapist from South Africa (SA). She completed her undergraduate training in Speech, Language and Hearing Therapy at the University of Stellenbosch (SA) in 2013. She then went on to complete her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Intervention part time at the University of Pretoria (SA) in 2018. She received several awards for outstanding academic performance throughout her training.

Nora has a special interest and passion for early childhood intervention as well as Autism spectrum disorders. In South Africa, she worked closely with Autism Western Cape facilitating parent support groups for caregivers of children with Autism. Through these groups she has gained valuable insight and understanding into the field of Autism. Nora is passionate about inclusion of all children in the education sector, in social situations with peers, in community and inevitably in society.
She believes in providing family centred services. She strives to empower family members by including them into the therapy process as much as possible, allowing them to be active members in their child’s communication journey. Furthermore, Nora has experience working on interdisciplinary teams with a variety of other professionals; including teachers, occupational therapists, dieticians, physiotherapists, nurses, doctors and rehabilitation workers. She values the importance of a team based intervention approach in order to ensure lasting success.