1. Better grades

A tutor can quickly work out where the student has gaps in a subject or area and work one-on-one to remediate it.

2. Confidence in school

The confidence a child gains from not only knowing they can keep up, but that they are actually very capable cannot be understated.

3. Increased social confidence

Academic success can improve overall self-esteem.

4. Different perspective

Sometimes a tutor can offer new insight or approaches to a subject than school teachers or family members.

5. One-on-one time

Tutors can dedicate their full attention to each student. Shy students might be too embarrassed to ask questions in class or tell others that they are struggling.

6. Meet new friends

Children can create a new circle of friends in their tutoring environment.

7. Allows for extra family time at home

At the end of the day, children and parents are exhausted and it can become stressful to start tackling difficult homework tasks. Tutors can relieve some of this pressure and allow for more enjoyable family time.

8. Simplifying core concepts

Tutors can simplify core concepts to create a deep rooted, thorough understanding of subjects at a young age before schoolwork becomes more complex; providing a solid toolkit of problem-solving skills and a confidence in their ability to tackle difficult work in the future.

9. Excelling in exams

Many parents hire a tutor for their children so that they can feel prepared and confident in exams. A tutor will often help the student tackle past test papers.

10. Keep the level of knowledge up

A tutor will help maintain a child's skills over school holidays to ensure the student does not fall behind.