A good bed and mattress are essential for a restful night’s sleep. This is especially important for children as it directly impacts their mental and physical development. There are numerous styles of beds available including toddler beds, bunk beds and cabin beds with play areas, desks and storage underneath. Make their bed even more inviting by choosing colourful or themed bedding.

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Wall Art & Décor

Adding some fun and colourful prints is an easy way to switch up your little one’s bedroom theme. Whether your child is into space, superheroes, animals, or rainbows — there are options to suit all interests, no matter how fleeting they may be! Stylish shelving is also a great way to add interest to a plain wall. Decorate with books, pictures, small toys and other stylish accessories.

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Give kids a designated space to concentrate on their homework with a functional and stylish desk and chair. Storage is a bonus as it will kids to keep their pencils, crayons and other craft materials nice and tidy so they can enjoy a clutter free room!

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If you have hard flooring a rug will provide a nice soft area to sit and play. Kids’ room rug designs range from themed designs or traditional motifs like stripes, spots and stars, to plain blocks of colour. Don’t forget to buy a rug pad to prevent slipping.

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Storage & Organisation

Having toys scattered around the room will drive most parents crazy! It is also hard for a child to relax in a messy space. Whether you go for drawers, a bookcase, a console or toy boxes, storage is key for keeping on top of the clutter. There are plenty of colours and styles of storage to choose from and the room will look much more organised.

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Add the finishing touch to your kid's bedroom or playroom with a selection of decorative cushions to suit their latest interest. Let them choose their favourites from wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes and instantly transform their room into a super stylish and cosy space. Let the pillow fights commence!

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Shipping to Cayman

Occasionally you might need to get some items shipped to Cayman. Although shipping costs can seem reasonable, it is the duty rate that usually pushes the cost up; the vast majority of baby items are charged 22% duty on arrival in Cayman. Small cargo shipping services are often the best option. The shipper will give you an address in Miami to have your items delivered to. From there, your belongings will be shipped to Cayman.