Reading encourages children to become more open minded and increases their understanding of the world around them.

These books will teach children how to love themselves, cherish reading and how to develop friendships across social classes and cultures.

Skandar and the Unicorn Theif

Skandar and the Unicorn Thief

A.F. Steadman

If you want to encourage your tween to read, have them soar into this breathtaking world of heroes and fierce unicorns. With unlikely heroes, elemental magic, sky battles, ancient secrets and nail-biting races this is an epic adventure!

The Last Bear

The Last Bear

Hannah Gold

Both absorbing animal adventure and subtle commentary on climate change and the plight of endangered species, this story revolves around April, the daughter of an Arctic researcher, and her chance encounter with a lone polar bear. Shortlisted for the British Book Awards.

A Different Sort of Normal

A Different Sort of Normal

Abigail Balfe

In this warm, important and immensely moving book, writer and illustrator Abigail Balfe charts her experiences of growing up neurodivergent, offering candid and powerful insights into autism. A very important, very funny and very informative book that the world needs right now.


The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh

Helen Rutter

An educational story teaching kids to love themselves for who they are. Inspired by her son Lenny who has a stammer, Rutter writes a loving story about a child who tried to be a comedian, and succeeded! For kids ages 5-7.


One Girl

Andrea Beaty

A story about how just one girl influenced her whole community to cherish reading and embrace the power of literacy. Expect lots of beautiful illustrations and references to female empowerment. For kids ages 5-7.


A Thousand Questions

Saadia Faruqi

An educational book teaching kids about friendship across social classes and cultures. Faruqi teaches children about the struggles of growing up in modern-day Pakistan, giving kids a thoughtful portrait into another world. For children ages 8-12.

Best Digital

Brain POP


Short animated and informational movies for kids about a wide variety of topics. Join Tim and his robot friend Moby as they explore everything from STEM to Art to current events. Free but a subscription gives you full access.