Pregnancy can be all consuming, exhilarating, and overwhelming all at the same. If it’s your first pregnancy you are bound to have lots of questions that you might forget to ask the doctor, or encounter situations that nearly everyone seems to have an opinion on.

That’s where pregnancy books come to the rescue. The best books about pregnancy are filled with information sure to put the mind of parents to be at ease and we have come up with a list that are available from Next Chapter in Camana Bay.


What Mothers Do: especially when it looks like nothing

Naomi Stadlen

A lucid insight into the true experience of motherhood, written by a psychotherapist, with over 30 years of experience.


Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

Uma Tuli

Maximise you and your baby’s health through pregnancy and beyond. Learn how to use yoga to increase your comfort and control, and develop the skills to confidently approach labour.

Like a Mother

Like a Mother

Angela Garbes

A candid and personal deep dive into the science and culture of motherhood. Infused with humour this book offers guidance to women navigating one of the biggest and most profound changes in their lives.

Your Baby Week by Week

Your Baby Week By Week: The ultimate guide to caring for your new baby

Dr Caroline Fertleman and Simone Cave

This book is perfect for when your baby finally arrives. Your Baby Week By Week covers one week of a baby's development per chapter, and the chapters are divided into sections so that you can quickly and easily skim find the information you're looking for.

Mindfulness for Fathers

Mindful Thoughts for Fathers

Ady Griffiths

A series of reflections on fatherhood, from holding your child for the first time all the way through to the inevitability of illness and establishing boundaries.

Baby wise

On Becoming Baby Wise

Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam

For over 25 years this book has been the go to newborn parenting manual for naturally synchronising babies feeding time, waketime and sleep cycles.

Books to Read to your New baby

Girl of Mine

Girl of Mine

Jabari Asim

As daddy cradles his baby girl, she is suddenly whisked away on a fantastical adventure. The sweet text will carry little ones off to peaceful slumber.

Little Blue Truck

Little Blue Truck

Alice Schertle

Blue is a muddy blue truck that gets into some fun misadventures while travelling down a bumpy country road with all his animal friends!

Rabbits Nap

Rabbit's Nap

Julia Donaldson

Tired Rabbit is trying to find a place for a quiet nap, but her friends are all being very noisy. With sturdy flaps on every spread and rhyming stories that are a joy to read aloud, this book has been a firm favourite for over 15 years.