The Cayman Islands is a wonderful place to have a baby and women can expect to receive world class care. Read on to find out more about some of Cayman's best medical experts as well as first-hand experience of pregnancy in Cayman.

Ariel Edit

Ariel Grace

Ariel Grace founded The Mom Method pre and postnatal Pilates and is a birth doula.

Why did you choose your field of speciality?

I’ve been a Pilates & Yoga Instructor for over a decade, but when I became a Mom 10 years ago, I felt there was a lack of options for prenatal Mamas to practise fun, safe and challenging workouts during pregnancy. I created The Mom Method prenatal and postnatal Pilates programmes as a way to create a community on-island, while providing valuable resources for info and advocacy so Mamas feel confident in their options and decisions around pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Why is a doula beneficial to parents?

Knowing what your birth preferences are, how to optimise your pregnancy and how to advocate for those preferences are all something a birth doula can help with. As a birth doula I also help to encourage a smoother postpartum healing process, which is often overlooked ‒ postpartum doesn’t end after 6 weeks!

What three things can parents do to prepare themselves for the birth of their child?

1) Physical preparation

Prenatal Pilates and specialised breathwork to optimise the body for birth and recovery is so valuable. Complimentary care like prenatal massage, acupuncture, proper nutrition and pelvic health physiotherapy are great as well!

2) Mindset work

Educational and mindset tools can help reduce anxiety and fear and help prepare for the demands of birth and motherhood. Childbirth education workshops, prenatal meditations and affirmations and even therapy can be great.

3) Align your values with your care provider

Make sure that your Doctor is clear on your birth goals and supports your preferences ‒ and of course, hire a Doula!

Dorinda Edit

Dorinda Gardner

Dorinda Gardner is a Registered Nurse/Midwife with the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority.

Why did you choose your field of specialty?

Midwifery provides me with an opportunity to not only interact with the pregnant woman and her family, but also to provide the highest quality healthcare necessary to facilitate the best chance of achieving the desired outcome ‒ healthy mother and baby.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

Finding the resolve to work throughout the pandemic, consistently and effectively whilst being away from my family. My teammates and I bonded to provide support and care for our patients and their families who, as a result of restrictions imposed by COVID-19 protocols, did not have the support that is present in a state of normalcy. The gratitude shown by our patients and their families was extremely rewarding, given the fact that some healthcare workers were physically, and to a further extent, psychologically affected by the pandemic.

It’s been a long and stressful day. Where would you go on the island to relax and unwind?

Peppers! The food, music and general ambiance combine to create the perfect antidote for stress.

Which doctor or medical professional on island would you recommend for a ‘Golden Stethoscope Award’ and why?

Khimanie Blackwood, Head Clinical Pharmacist at HSA. He embodies the concept of interprofessional working which focuses on learning from, and about, each other’s practice to improve collaboration and quality of care given to our clients. He frequently promulgates best practice standards.

If you had to write a biography, who would it be dedicated to?

My mother, Dorothy Gardner. She is an exceptional woman and my confidant, who shows me deep unwavering love.

Rhonda Edit

Dr. Rhonda Reeves

Dr. Rhonda Reeves is an ObGyn and Acting Head of Women’s Health Department at the Cayman Health Services Authority.

Why did you choose your field of speciality?

My first gynae visit was uncomfortable and traumatic and left me in tears. I remember saying to my mother, “This cannot be what women have to go through”. I was already in medical school at the time and vowed to make it a much better experience.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

My greatest achievement to date is becoming a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist before the age of 30 (the youngest ever to do so from my institution at the time)

If you had to write a biography who would it be dedicated to?

That’s easy! My mother (Jean) and Grandmother (Joyce). I could give a million reasons why, but I will settle on: they have both played pivotal roles in me being the woman and physician I am today, with their kind words and encouragement to never give up.

What is the most common pregnancy complication you see?

Gestational Diabetes; and many times, though first discovered and diagnosed during the pregnancy, patients often have had diabetes before getting pregnant and it was poorly controlled.

How can mums-to-be increase their chances of a smooth pregnancy and birth?

The best way to have a smooth pregnancy is to ensure prior to getting pregnant, that you are healthy enough to have an uncomplicated pregnancy, and if not, to optimise your health so that you can. The next best option is early and regular antenatal care, so any health conditions can be identified and managed early.

Erin Edit

Erin Kaufman

Erin Kaufman gave birth to Cole, a beautiful baby boy, in June 2022.

Any weird and wonderful food cravings?

What I have noticed is that rather than cravings, I’ve been eating things that I wouldn’t normally eat. For example, I started eating red meat again when this was something I had actually cut from my diet over the last few years.

What was your biggest health worry whilst being pregnant?

Being pregnant during a pandemic certainly came with worry. I actually did end up contracting COVID at the beginning of my third trimester. Although it was worrying, I also felt confident that I had taken all the necessary steps to protect myself and my baby. Thankfully, I recovered safely and my pregnancy continues to be healthy!

Are you reading a pregnancy guide whilst pregnant and would you recommend it?

I’m using two apps regularly: Flo and What to Expect.

Did you attend antenatal classes and did you find them useful?

Yes, I did a series of Pregnancy Exercise & Education classes with Candace, a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist at Align. These were extremely helpful! I enjoyed having a space to exercise safely, while learning more about the physical changes my body was experiencing.

What is the best pregnancy advice you have received from older relatives which you would pass on to other expectant mothers?

Your intuition will develop during pregnancy and learning to listen to this will take you right into parenthood.

Do you feel that social media has created pressure to look glamorous during pregnancy?

Absolutely. You can definitely be influenced by the pressures of social media, if you let it! I try to do my best to follow more educational pages, or even humorous ones to ease some of the anxiety.